Top Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter is one of the premiere names in boots and work boots. Proprietary properties allow for premium performance for the long lasting life of the boots. With most of the boots ranging around $150, Irish Setter boots are a pretty good buy when you want a good quality long lasting boot. Below is a […]

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Best insoles for work boots

If you spend much of the working day on your feet, then you may need to know about the best insoles for work boots. Whether you suffer from flat feet, high arches, or need additional comfort, the humble insole may prove your savior. While many boots come with insoles, they often feel cheap and thin, […]

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The guide to waterproofing your work boots

How to Waterproof Boots – 3 Methods with Step-by-Step Rundown Updated 02/2018. Have you ever had to spend a day at work with wet feet?  It totally sucks – guaranteed to ruin your day. We all have to deal with water at some stage during work, and for some people, it’s a daily battle. If you’re […]

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Top Rated Durable Work Boots

When it comes to work boots, durability is usually the number one concern. When boots can cost upwards of $150, you want a pair that are going to last and are applicable to just about any job you would like to do in them. As well as durability, safety is included in these reviews because it's […]

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How To Break In Work Boots Like A Pro

When you buy a new pair of boots, it's highly unlikely that they'll fit perfectly right out of the box. A few aches and pinches are common, especially around the heels and sides of the toes. You'll need to break them in first, before you start wearing them for extended periods. Otherwise, your feet could be in for […]

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Sore Feet? - Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis!

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you are experiencing a condition known as: Plantar fasciitis You still have to work, and you still need some great work boots: do not worry - there is hope! Plantar fasciitis is an injury that is localized to the bottom of your feet - fascia […]

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Best Work Boots For Concrete

Concrete - the silent killer. Killer? Yes. Concrete is a unique surface that looks nice and safe, yet it's very difficult to work on- just ask anyone who has spent more than 5 hours standing, or working, on a concrete slab. After all, concrete was designed to be as hard as possible, thus it can […]

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Metatarsal Work Boots - The Ultimate Form Of Protection For Your Feet!

Metatarsal bones are the five bones on the top or your foot that extend down from you ankle to your toes. These bones are just as vulnerable to breaks as your toes and metatarsal work boots are specially designed to protect these bones. It has long been common to require workers to wear steel toed boots […]

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What Are the Best Work Boot Brands? We Reveal the Top 5

So you want to know what the best work boot brands are, do you? You should have asked this question 50 years ago, because would have been a straight forward answer, a clear winner SO MUCH has changed since then… There are now dozens of decent boot brands, all competing to come up with the greatest […]

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Tips on where to buy work boots...

Have you ever wondered where the best place to buy work boots was? Its a great question as finding the fight marketplace will mean you find the best work boot brands and ultimately the best work boots! With today’s technology, super-fast shipping times and customer service levels, we believe the best place to buy work […]

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