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Al Roberts
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April 25, 2024

Concrete - the silent killer.


Yes. Concrete is a unique surface that looks nice and safe, yet it's very difficult to work on- just ask anyone who has spent more than 5 hours standing, or working, on a concrete slab.

Working On Concrete

After all, concrete was designed to be as hard as possible, thus it can be quite tiresome and painful to work for a whole day on it.

Your feet take a real beating when you walk on them all day on any surface, and believe it or not, they take even more of a beating when you walk around on concrete - a silent beating (and you may slowly be developing plantar fasciitis)

Due to the super-dense nature of concrete, your feet (and lower body joints) are slowly being damaged when you work and walk on concrete for long periods.

So what can you do?

If you spend more than a usual amount of time standing on concrete (more than 2 hours per day) you need to get yourself some work boots that will relieve the stress on your feet and knee joints!

Not all work boots are optimal for working on concrete; many people new to the industry think concrete is like any other hard surface but the reality is that it is harder than pretty much any other surface you can work on.

There is no give in concrete and if you work on it the result can be all sorts of problems like lower back pain and sore feet.

With that said there are really two different types of boots:

  • Those designed for working ON hard concrete, and;
  • Those designed for working IN concrete.


If you work IN concrete, then you know you need something like a rubber boot, something that is not only comfortable, but that also keeps slurry, water, stones, and everything else out, while keeping you safe. You will also want something that is easily washable, and that you can take off without using your hands (a 'kick rim')

If you work ON concrete, you need something that has VERY FINE ankle support and even better shock absorption, and it has to be darn comfortable too. We also recommend a great pair of work boot insoles, to make them even more comfortable, and help you get through those hard hours when you start to ache.

Our Top Choices - Best Work Boots For Concrete Floors

Whether you're working ON or IN concrete, you need to get a great pair of work boots as soon as possible; your feet will thank you every single day, and so will your back. For more reviews, visit this page.

Below are our top choices:

Wolverine Men's Raider Boot

Best suited for working ON concrete

The big bonus with these boots is the shock-absorbing compression pads moulded in the outsole - this boot is designed to absorb the constant shocks your feet get when working on concrete all day. The Wolverine Raider is also made out of fine Leather Nubuck and is quite a sharp-looking boot if you don't mind a little style.

This boot has a 6” heel and offers great ankle support and protection, not only that but along with great support and protection, this boot will keep your feet VERY comfortable all day. It was designed for high-frequency contact with hard surfaces like concrete, so it's pretty much made with your line of work in mind.

You can rely on these to absorb the harsh blows that concrete will deliver to your feet, and keep you from feeling sore all day; if you were boxing concrete all day these would be a fine choice for boxing gloves.

Irish Setter Men's 6" Work Boot

Best suited for working ON concrete

Just like a good Irish setter, you can trust these to be your best friend on the building site; They cost a little more than your average pair of boots but they are worth every penny. These are flat sole boots that are designed for walking on hard surfaces like concrete all day. They have rubber soles that are extra soft and shock absorbent.

The brand Irish setters are an offshoot of the company Red Wing which is one of the oldest names in work boots and come with a lot of trust. These boots come with a Padded tongue and collar and are very comfortable - you can trust your feet will feel pretty good after a full day in these.

Great for working ON concrete, and also a great choice if you work in construction.

TREDS  Over-The-Shoe 17" Rubber Slush Boots

Best suited for working IN concrete

First of all, we must let you know that these boots will shock you when you find out how much they cost - in a good way!

In fact, they are probably so cheap that they are not really a work boot, they are more of a protective cover for your work boots - perfect if you work IN concrete occasionally, but not recommended for heavy usage.

Concrete in your boots is very unpleasant and will ruin your feet and make you feel a lot worse than when you started. These boots have a 17” inch heel and tie up at the top to ensure concrete won’t get in. On top of that, these are almost impossible to puncture or tear. If you work in concrete these are well worth the cost as these boots can also be worn like rubber boots in the snow, water, compost, and manure.

The Original Muckboots Muckmaster Hi Cut Boot

Best suited for working IN concrete

The Muckmaster Hi is MuckBoots' ultimate, all-weather heavy-duty boot - not only is it great for working IN concrete, but also for any rough conditions that your day can throw at you: bad weather, wet concrete, mud, dirt, rubble - yo name it, the Muckmaster will protect you against it!

It offers supreme durability, superior protection, and high-quality comfort, with features such as 100-percent waterproof, extra-thick, vulcanised rubber uppers, a crush-resistant toe, and a reinforced, heavy-duty traction sole designed to handle snow and mud - standard features for Muckboots - a great work boot company time and time again.

In terms of comfort, this work boot has all you need including a contoured footbed and super-soft inner lining which provide a comfortable fit, while extra rubber underlays and full bootie construction insulate the boot to sub-freezing temperatures.

Easy to clean (as it has an extended rubber overlay) and easy to get off (a neat kick rim) means in terms of working IN concrete, this work boot is one of the best.

Great for working IN concrete, but also if you're looking for work boots with great insulation, or work boots that keep you dry even on the wettest of days.

For more great work boot reviews and comparisons, visit the Work Boot Critic homepage and filter through our custom table to find the right pair of boots for you!

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