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Discover the Secret To Sheplers Boots

Is the name Sheplers Boots new to you?

Well my friend, you are in for a wonderful surprise! These boots are designed for a wide variety of work for both men and women.

Discover the Secret To Sheplers Boots

Founded in 1946, what was originally called Harry Sheplers Saddle and Leather Company, established themselves as a company that made high-quality leather goods for people who worked on farms. By 1968, Sheplers had grown in considerable size and added boots for both men and women to their line of products.

Ever since then, Sheplers boots have become a staple in the work industry not only for farm and ranch hands, but people in all fields of outdoor work.

Sheplers Boots

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Sheplers Western Wear

Sheplers Western Wear specializes in work boots for men and women. Founded by a family of individuals who weren’t afraid of working hard, they understood the need for men and women to have a pair of boots that will make their job as easy as possible.When you pull a pair of boots on in the early morning, you want to be sure they’ll get you through the entire day.

When you pull a pair of boots on in the early morning, you want to be sure they’ll get you through the entire day.

Sheplers boots can do that for you. Check them out for yourself – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Spotlight on Danner Work Boots

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes we lose sight of how important it is to have a quality-made product. Many products are quickly built and assembled. Their materials are often not well made, resulting in a product that doesn’t withstand much use. This is not the case with Danner work boots.

It was the beginning of the Great Depression in American in 1932. The economy was failing and everyone was pinching pennies wherever they could. A man named Charles Danner decided to open a bootmaking business. He believed that people ought to have well-crafted boots made of high quality materials. People told him he was crazy for trying to do that during such a difficult time. However, he continued and made Danner work boots, which are still thriving today. You can truly feel the difference when you pull a Danner boot on to your foot. It’s built to last and you can tell that’s the case from the second you try it on.

What’s So Great About Danner Work Boots?


Nobody wants to have to purchase new boots ever few months. They take time to break in! It’s so frustrating to feel like you just got them feeling the way you like, and then they start to fail. Your job is demanding and Danner realizes that. Danner work boots are designed to be boots you can rely on all day, ever day.

Their boots are crafted from waterproof, durable, full-grain leather. Hand-stitched with triple stitching to build their [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LYA1PFZ” locale=”US” tag=”workbootcritic-20″]Danner Men’s Gritstone[/easyazon_link].

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01LYA1PFZ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”workbootcritic-20″ width=”500″]

These boots have a superior fit and give great protection to your feet from the elements. If you’re working on slippery or uneven terrain, the Gristone will stay with you every step of the way (literally). Your feet shouldn’t distract you throughout the day, and Danner works to make that true.


We’ve all worn those boots that just make our feet ache at the end of the day. It might be a great way to get a foot massage from your spouse but that’s the only good that can come of bad boots. These boots are packed with cushion to give your foot plenty of support and give every single day.

Proper foot and ankle support is really important, especially if you’re working on uneven surfaces. Nobody has time to twist an ankle on the job and be out for a few days. Danner work boots are designed with a Bi-Fit integrated shank that provides superior support to your heel and forefoot. They’ll be locked in place to prevent rubbing that causes blisters and other discomfort.


You never know what the weather is gonna do. Danner grew up in the pacific northwest where temperatures and weather forecasts fluctuate constantly. He knew the importance of having a boot that could withstand all of that and more.

They modeled the outsole after an all-weather tire, mimicking the tread for excellent traction in a variety of weather circumstances. Instead of holding debris and water, it quickly releases it. Lined with their signature Danner Dry lining, your feet will stay warm and toasty whether you’re in sleet, rain, or snow. Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

Truly, Danner work boots are those boots you’ll wear for a lifetime. If you need a boot to stick with you through thick and thin, you’ve found your answer!

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3 Best American Made Work Boots

If you consider yourself to be an all-American man or woman you might be interested in supporting companies who make their goods in the United States, rather than contracting overseas. Confidence in purchasing a high-quality product from your homeland is a great option to have, and there’s a lot of companies with amazing American made work boots crafted right here in the good old USA.

Top Three American Made Work Boots

1. Thorgood

Thorgood boots are definitely at the top of the best American made work boots list. They’re built to withstand any type of environment, including the great outdoors, as they are made of several layers of waterproof barriers and blood borne pathogen shields. They are made of high-quality leather, have slip-resistant and oil-resistant soles and lace hooks. 

[amazon bestseller=”thorgood work boots” items=”3″]

2. Frye Arkansas

Frye Arkansas American made work boots. The three Frye Arkansas American made work boots for men all have a 1.75” heel. The two wedged wingtips are made out of 100 percent Nubuck and the Mid Leather, hence its name, is 100 percent leather. Each of the three has about a six-inch opening at the top to allow you to easily slide your foot in. Each one also has decent rawhide lacing.

[amazon bestseller=”Frye Arkansas work boots” items=”3″]

3. Wolverine Tacomas

The Wolverine black Tacoma American made boots for men are made of 100 percent leather with a full upper grain for water proof. It also contains a shock absorbent sole and a removable foot bed cushion. The Wolverine brown leather hiker Tacoma boots for women also contain the removable sole and the removable cushion. 

[amazon bestseller=”Wolverine Tacoma work boots” items=”3″]

Determine Your American Made Work Boots Size

If you’re ordering your boots online, it is a good idea to measure your foot in order to get the best fit for yourself possible. Everyone knows that shoes that don’t fit are very uncomfortable and can leave much physical damage to the foot and other parts of the body. Union Boot Pro has a chart that shows the proper way to measure your feet as accurately as possible and of what size shoes that the different sizes of feet fit into.

Another method of determining which size shoe would probably fit you best is to check your closet to see if you already have any American made shoes. If you do, take that shoe’s size and cut it down by a half-for example if you have a size 11 Nike athletic shoes, take it down to about 10.5 for your work boots. Shoes that are manufactured in America tend to be a little bigger than shoes made in foreign lands. American made work boots for men tend to be especially wide.

Other Facts About American Made Work Boots

Some American made shoes are actually manufactured in specific states only. For example, AFBOOTS are made in Tennessee and Corcorans are made in Pennsylvania.

American work boots tend to be very upscale in their pricing. Their prices can range anywhere in between $100 and $800. However, they are worth every penny for their comfort and durability on the job. Especially if you work in a warehouse or outdoor job-such as repairing telephone lines-you want only the best comfort and strength in your shoes that you can afford within your budget.

Even though they are durable and strong, another advantage of American work boots is that they tend to be lightweight. This means that you shouldn’t have any trouble picking them up off the ground or walking in them. Again, when you are on the job, the last thing that we or you want is for you to have uncomfortable or painful feet.

Most work boots don’t even need to be “broken in” before they are worn for the first time and ready for some rough work. 

Happy shopping!

Under Armour Tactical Boots For Men

Whether you’re headed into a long day on the job site or spending an afternoon hiking in the mountains, wearing a pair of dependable boots is vital to a successful and comfortble day spent on your feet. A good pair of boots will not only provide you with the foot protection you need to stay healthy and comfortable, but they’ll also make you feel stylish at the same time. One of the best brands on the market is Under Armour Tactical Boots, which produces a wide range of awesome boots that look great and protect your feet from harm.

One of the top rated Under Armour Tactical Boots is the Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS boot. This sturdy and fashionable boot fits comfortably on a wide variety of feet and provides you with many awesome benefits that you can’t get with cheaper quality boots.

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS

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The Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS is built out of high-quality synthetic textile material that gives it a sturdy but flexible structure. This makes it comfortable enough to wear in a wide variety of circumstances, including in tough outdoor weather and even when visiting tourist areas and walking through busy urban streets. Its tough rubber sole will keep your feet protected from bunyuns and blisters.

The “ClutchFit” technology is design to wrap your ankle with a protective “second skin” that will keep you from suffering from ankle rolls and other sprains that may put your ankle health at risk. Don’t worry about it feeling too tight, as it is merely “snug” and totally comfortable for just about anyone. Reviews online by happy customers stated that this second skin was a much needed addition to this particular boot.

Another nice aspect of these boots is their micro-foam construction that offers a giving “memory foam” experience that adapts to the shape and size of your foot in a way that makes it more comfortable and easy to wear in a wide variety of situations. Comfort and support are the hallmarks of this awesome boot!

[amazon box=”B00LLI4BBY” template= “horizontal”]

The High-Quality Can’t Be Emulated

The Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS boot is one of the coolest, toughest, and most stylish brand of Under Armour Tactical Boots on the market. There’s not much this baby can’t do. Taking them on a hike is a perfect way to enjoy the summer sun while wearing them when jogging is also possible. Wearing them on a day-to-day basis is also fun, particularly if you like stylish boots that will help you stand out from the crowd even if you’re on a job for work.

[amazon bestseller=”Under Armour Tactical Boots For Men” items=”5″]

Just make sure to keep your feet out of water: while these boots are great, they can’t quite protect you from silly mistakes like jumping in a pond with your boots on. So if you’re looking for an excellent boot that will provide you with the kind of high-quality climbing experience or comfortable day on th ework site that you deserve, why not pick up a pair of these Under Armour Tactical Boots? You won’t regret making the investment in these fun and comfortable boots.

Under Armour Boots For Women That You’ll Love

Under Armour is an American clothing and accessories company that specializes in sporting gear. The company was founded in 1996 and began selling footwear in 2006. Although they have been most known for their high quality clothing over the last few years they have really made a name for themselves in the footwear industry as well. They offer customers a variety of styles and looks to choose from that offer comfort, convenience and practicality. They are great for a variety of different jobs and activities. One of the best and most popular styles of Under Armour boots is the Valsetz RTS boot.

Under Armour Women’s Valsetz RTS Boot

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The Under Armour Women’s Valsetz RTS Boot is an amazing boot made to withstand rain, cold and snow to keep you dry and warm in even the toughest conditions. The front of the boot is weather proof to ensure you will always remain dry and warm. They are made of synthetic leather so there is no need to worry about wilting, crumbling or tearing of the leather making them extra durable for outdoor weather conditions. The rubber sole gives extra traction and grip so they are great for a variety of outdoor adventures including walking, hiking, climbing and many other activities. Although the rubber sole is heavy and durable it does not leave the feet feeling weighed down so they are great for adventurous activities as well as regular everyday activities.

The Under Armour Women’s Valsetz RTS Boot offers non slip grips great for taking outdoor adventures. They help you to keep your balance and avoid skidding while you are wearing them. The boot also has a top cap. The toe cap is a reinforced covering that goes over the toe of the boot providing more warmth and stability especially for colder temperatures. It is great for people who plan to spend time in the snow or in colder climates. So although it is not a steel toed shoe which can be dangerous in certain situations it is extra lined for more warmth and comfort. The Under Armour boots also have a nice arch in them making them more supportive on your feet. This is especially good for people who tend to do a lot of walking.

Another great feature with this style of boot is the fact that they are compatible with law enforcement uniform regulations. This means they are acceptable in many fields such as EMT drivers, police officers, firemen and a variety of other public law enforcement agencies. They are made to withstand long days on your feet as well as cold and frigid temperatures. The boots are apart of Under Armours tactical gear. The tactical clothes, shoes and accessories are made specifically for men and women in uniform but they can be worn by anyone. They are designed to be worn in even the toughest of conditions.

[amazon box=”B076SQL66L” template= “horizontal”]

The Under Armour brand of boots are made to last. The upper textile is welded together for a better fit and more durable shoe. Around the perimeter of the foot is an abrasion resistant film which helps keep the boots from scuffing or becoming damaged. This is a great feature for those who want their boots to last a very long time. The abrasion film is perfect if you plan to use the shoes outdoors especially in cold and wet conditions for things such as hiking or even hunting. The ankles are fitted with Clutchfit technology that allows the shoe to hug your ankles for support but still allow breathing room. This is great if you tend to do a lot of running, hiking or walking as it helps keep the ankles more protected. Although the boots are protective and durable they are still comfortable and lightweight to wear.

The Under Armour boots are made true to size. Ordering shoes online can be tough but with Under Armour, you can always ensure the shoes will fit. Just order whatever size boots you normally wear and the sizing should be perfect. The Valsetz boots also come in many colors including both brown and black to match a variety of different uniforms and outfits. They are both fashionable and functional shoes to wear.

All of the Under Armour boots are great boots with very durable quality but the Valsetz RTS tactical boots seem to stand out among the rest. They are great for work, play or everyday activities. Available for both men and women they are a great shoe for the whole family to use. Whether you are looking for style, comfort, function or just to keep warm in the upcoming months Under Armour has everything you are looking for. With so many styles and sizes to choose from their is sure to be an Under Armour shoe that is just perfect for everyone.

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Timberland Work Boots For Men and Women

If you work on an outdoor job site every day, it’s important to have a pair of boots you can rely on. You need something to keep your feet warm and dry, support and comfortable no matter how many hours you’re putting in on the worksite. Timberland work boots have long been lauded the go-to work boot for both men and women. They’re dependable, comfortable, and have a classic design that will never go out of style.

Timberland Work Boots

Timberland PRO Men’s 26038 Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Boot

[amazon fields=”B000XF6L7I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B000XF6L7I” value=”button”]

This is the Original classic form fitting all-purpose men’s work boot that’s perfect for the job site, no matter how rugged. Outfitted with 1” rubber outsoles providing you with awesome grip and traction whether you’re working on an icy worksite or climbing over boulders.

Made of seam-sealed water repellant leather uppers, these Timberland work boots make sure the rain, snow and ice stay out of your boots and your feet stay dry all day long. Timberland’s signature PRO 2 comfort system that works to keep moisture away from your feet while still allowing them to breathe.

The best part about these boots is not only the function of them, but how comfortable they are. The PRO 2 comfort system is a patented support configuration that aids the arch support of each foot. It keeps your foot locked in place, minimizing stress on your arch so that your feet don’t get sore even if you’re standing all day.

[amazon bestseller=”Timberline PRO work boots for men” items=”2″]

For the ladies, there’s a PRO series boot that has been designed especially for women’s feet, to keep them prepared and ready for the job site just like the men.

Timberland PRO Women’s Titan WaterProof Boot

[amazon fields=”B000XR8MUK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B000XR8MUK” value=”button”]

The rich brown women’s Timberline PRO Titan Waterproof Boot has great durability with the leather upper and the heavy duty rubber sole. These boots will give you all of the warmth, support, and durability you need no matter how intense the job is.

The Timberland Titan provides comfort and support for the entire foot and ankle. The waterproof full grain leather upper passes the tough test holding up to all types of inclement weather, keeping your feet warm and dry.

The Titan alloy steel toe keeps your toes safe from dangerous machinery and the speed lacing hardware will keep your laces tight and ankle supported. The slip-resistant rubber outsold is engineered for movement with quick strides, to keep you sure-footed in a wide variety of terrains.

[amazon bestseller=”Timberline PRO work boots for women” items=”2″]

Instead of spending your day in pain from achy feet, invest in a pair of Timberland PRO series to make sure you’re always ready to give 100% at the job site, each and every day.

Top Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter is one of the premiere names in boots and work boots. Proprietary properties allow for premium performance for the long lasting life of the boots. With most of the boots ranging around $150, Irish Setter boots are a pretty good buy when you want a good quality long lasting boot. Below is a list of your top rated Irish Setter work boots, list is composed of customer’s experiences and our own personal opinions. Each of the Models below are available with various options, such as steel toe, soft toe, and 6″ or 8″ height.

Top Recommendations

Irish Setter Men’s 83605 6″ Work Boot

[amazon fields=”B0058Z10TW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B0058Z10TW” value=”button”]

Irish Setter 83605 Work Boot is made of full USA grain leather which is waterproof, and connected to a rubber EVA outsole that is heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows anybody to work in just about any amount of heat they need to. The rubber EVA traction is great to the following: oil/gas, chemicals, abrasions, slipping and heat as mentioned above. The locally tanned leather uses proven methods to provide a durable leather to hold up on job site or trail!

Irish Setter Men’s 83603 Farmington 6″

[amazon fields=”B0058Z3IWY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B0058Z3IWY” value=”button”]

Irish Setter Farmington boots are very durable, made from full grain leather and a direct welt construction.  These boots pride themselves on excellent durability and now they have combined durability with comfort.  Padded tongue and collar are provided for superior comfort throughout the day.  Signature tread design by Irish Setters provides excellent traction and prevents slipping.  The boots are resistant to abrasions, chemicals, oil/gas, heat, electrical hazards and have non marking soles! whether you are just an everyday worker or you want these for your career, these long lasting, durable boots will do the job.

Irish Setter Men’s 83801 Ramsey 8″ Work Boot

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[amazon fields=”B005FMSINY” value=”button”]

The Irish Setter Ramsey boots are sold on the line “boots built to handle the roughest weather and the toughest conditions.” These boots are made from premium leather with a synthetic upper, as well as, a padded top collar and tongue to provide ultimate comfort.  Irish Setter leather is locally tanned in Red Wing, Minnesota, which  pride themselves on making the best durable leather there is.  Not only are these boots durable, the are also waterproof and even have a  ASTM electrical hazard protection. Ramsey Rubber PU Comfort trek provide resistance to slipping, oil/gas, chemicals, heat, abrasions, and is even non marking.

Irish Setter Men’s 83607 Ely 6″

[amazon fields=”B0058Z1XKI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B0058Z1XKI” value=”button”]

Ely by Irish Setter is a boot that offers all day comfort by being lightweight and flexible.  Made with a durable full grain leather and a direct attach sole, these boots will last you a long time.  These boots offer superior protection, as well as, superior comfort.  Irish Setter PU V-grip allow great grip to prevent from slipping and are resistant to heat, oil/gas, chemicals, abrasions, electrical hazards,  Bottom line, no matter what career you are in, these boots will do the job and more. Providing comfort all day long.

[amazon bestseller=”Irish Setter Work Boots” items=”3″]

What are your personal experiences with these boots (or others)? Share your opinions and experiences by adding a comment below! We look forward to hearing from you.