Danner Quarry USA 8" Brown Work Boot

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Al Roberts
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April 15, 2024

Below is a review of the Danner Quarry 8" brown boot, if this isn't your specific model you are interested in, there are options and selections on the Danner Quarry line. Options include the height, the toes, and colors

Men's Danner Quarry USA 8" Brown Work Boot


  • Waterproof – 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX is designed to keep your feet comfy and dry in the worst conditions possible.
  • Made of a full grain leather upper that is long lasting and will provide superior protection.
  • Grip - 90 degree heal, and non-linear lug patter for great traction and debris release.
  • OutSole - Oil,  slip and abrasion resistant.
  • Danner's own stitchdown construction makes a wider platform for increased stability  to your underfoot.
  • Triple stitched for increased endurance and long lasting capability.
  • Electrical hazard protected.
  • Requires no break in time due to the new comfortable collar.

Let’s Talk Comfort…

The Danner Quarry work boots are made to fit everyone, and can be worn by all foot shapes and sizes. They provide a tight fit in the heel but still a loose fit in the toe so you can be versatile when working on the job. By having this secure fit your feet wont slide around allowing for more support and less side to side movement, resulting in ultimate comfort throughout the day. Updated collar line makes these boots instantly comfortable, so you wont have to worry about break in time. These boots are comfortbale as soon as they're takin out of the box.

Let’s Talk Safety…

With exclusive technology from Danner, the Quarry boots are made with Vibram Quarry outsole which features a 90º heel, they're resistant to oil and slipping due to the rubber compound, and a non linear lug pattern for excellent traction and debris release. Quarry boots are 100% waterproof and are lined with breathable Gore-Tex liner. Made with a  full grain leather these boots strong durable upper will keep you safe in any conditions your in. Another great feature to these boots is the electrical hazard protection, so not only will keep you dry and safe but prevent you from electrical injuries.

Will They Last?

Made from a strong full grain leather these boots are made to last. They are triple stitched for extended endurance, allowing these boots to last even longer. The rugged hardware they use allow for a tight secure fit, but add to their long lasting performance. A fiberglass shank is also added for increased stability and internal strength to these boots. Bottom line with the tough full grain leather, and the added properties to increase the life of these boots, the Danner Quarry boots are made to last.

What’s The Damage?

Danner boots are quality boots but are on a little bit of the pricey side compared to some of the other brands. These boots are $220 on Amazon, a good amount cheaper than Danner's website where they are listed for $250. Although the price of these boots are a little high, they come with a strong durable leather, and are 100% waterproof. Quarry boots are great made boots, come with a little high price tag but are quality and will get any job you need done. Customers say "you get what you pay for."

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