Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot: An In-Depth Review

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Al Roberts
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March 11, 2024

Whether you are working in construction sites, industries, farm or any manual labor, workplace safety is a matter that you can’t afford to overlook. Once you are injured, you are likely to turn in poorly done jobs both today and in the future.

Aside from your hard hats and protective clothing, we believe that workplace safety starts from the ground up. This means having a good pair of work boots that will not only keep your feet safe from impact, they will help ensure you stay upright once the going gets tough.

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If you’re looking for a good pair of work boots, the Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is a good place to start.

Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot Reviewer

When it comes to work boots, protection and comfort go hand-in-hand. Georgia Boot is known for its line of safety work boots. Is the Muddog Steel Toe Work Boot a worthy addition to the line? Let take a look at some of the key features of this pair:

SPR Full-Grain Leather

The quality of work boots starts with the material. The Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is made from SPR full-grain leather. By itself, full-grain is already the toughest material for shoemaking. Not only do they offer great strength and durability, they last longer and even look better over time. Georgia Boot has managed to improve the upper material with Barnyard Proof SPR Leather technology which is three times stronger than regular leather. According to Georgia Boot, SPR leather protects against:

  • Caustic Alkali
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Potassium Phosphate
  • Caustic Potash

Molded Waterproof TPU Shell

If you are planning to use this boot to wade through mud-covered terrain, you’ll be happy to know that it features a molded waterproof TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) shell. TPU is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions which should always come in handy in rugged environments. This means that the boots hold up rather well when in contact with oil and fuel. TPU also has high impact resistance which adds a layer of durability to the pair while keeping it lightweight.

Waterproofing Properties

The aforementioned TPU shell provides the boot the ability to effectively repel water and not find itself inside. To add to that, Georgia Boot utilizes its Georgia® Waterproof system for the Muddog. It’s a proprietary waterproofing technique that guarantees that water won’t seep its way inside the boot. Plus, the system easily repels water and dry them quickly. The gusseted tongue also ensures better waterproofing quality. Despite the excellent waterproofing properties of the Muddog, it’s still a very breathable pair.

Safety Features

As you can see, this is a steel toe footwear which means that it will protect your feet from falling objects. However, this is no ordinary steel toe footwear because it has passed rigorous safety standards. It has met the ASTM F2413 protective toe classification and has I75/C75 safety ratings. This means that the boot has undergone rigorous impact testing to ensure that you will be protected from varying pounds of force.

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On top of having a reliable toe protection, the Muddog is also compliant with the ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard. This implies that the footwear is constructed with shock-resistant and non-conductive materials in the soles and heels. Muddog has nail-free construction so you don’t have to worry about electrical hazards at work.

Lastly, the pair features the Georgia Giant polyurethane outsole. If you working in an environment where you are prone to slipping, you’ll be glad to know that the outsole is slip and water resistant. Plus, they’re excellent for shock absorption.

Comfort and Support

We’re sure not many of you will wear uncomfortable footwear even if they have tons of safety features. Fortunately, the Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot has many to offer in terms of comfort and support.

  • One of the main comfort features of the shoe is the CC5 Comfort Core removable polyurethane insole which provides excellent cushioning. The Comfort Core technology is also quite unique as it stores energy as you step down your foot, and releases it back as you lift the foot. It also keeps the foot cool and dry with its Air Flow System.
  • The mesh lining is highly resistant to abrasions and can effectively wick moisture, keeping your feet dry. The lining also provides the much-needed breathability for added cool comfort.
  • There’s also a steel shank in the arches of the feet for better support and stability. Don’t worry because the shank barely adds any weight to the boot.

Is This is a Good Steel Toe Boot?

As far as waterproof safety work boots go, the Georgia Boot Muddog Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot comes highly recommended. At this price point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pair with extensive safety features without compromising comfort. It’s a quality pair for shedding mud, that’s for sure!

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