Insoles for Workboots - Why You Shouldn't Go for Stock + Best Options

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March 15, 2024

Updated 02/20/2018.

Have you ever noticed that the first thing to give way are your insoles? It's not uncommon to burn through a few pairs in a year, which is odd because they are not exposed to the elements, they are on the inside of your boot! Insoles can make your working day a whole lot better, providing extra comfort and support where you need it most- your feet. Once you give a great pair of insoles a go, you’ll be hooked - the difference is amazing.

If you've made a great choice and bought a good pair of work boots, it's a wise decision to think about a great pair of insoles to go with them. There are plenty of options to choose from, but what are the best insoles for work boots? Let's have a look at some of the best choices, and some advice on choosing the right pair.

Why should use good insoles?

Seriously, if you spend long hours on your feet, work on hard surfaces, or are just big on comfort, a pair of great insoles will be your secret weapon against fatigue and injury at work. Good insoles mean:

  • No more blisters
  • No more sweaty feet
  • Better shock absorption (very important when you work on concrete)
  • Less chance of feeling tired and sore

Over time, your work boots will lose some shock absorption, cushioning and stability. You can keep using them, but the level of stress and impact on your legs, joints, and feet will grow, meaning more chance of injuries, and more chance of feeling tired and sore.

Good quality Insoles will put a stop to all this nonsense- meaning you can get on with your day.

Long story short- they will make your work boots fit better, and make them a whole lot more comfortable.

But aren't Insoles are a scam? Aren't my stock insoles good enough?

Actually, NO!!!

Sure, you can use the insoles that come with your work boots, but most of the time, these are typically cheap fillers. Read the fine print and you’ll find that most shoe manufacturers actually encourage you to upgrade your insoles to enhance the fit, comfort, and support of their footwear to your feet.

Look, we're not saying that every pair of work boots come with cheap insoles. We’ll be the first to admit that some of newer models of boots have great features, including the insole design.

If your current boots are working perfectly for you, and you don't ever feel tired or sore at work, no need to change anything, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Just be aware that 99% of the time, adding the right pair of insoles to your work boots will improve the comfort, stability, and safety of your boots.

You spend more time in your work boots than you spend sleeping in your bed, but you don't sleep on the most basic, bottom line mattress, do you?

If your game enough to try them, spend a week first working in your standard insoles, then switch to a better pair and see what you notice.

We guarantee you that we will be saying “we told you so”.

Types of insoles

  • Comfort insoles- used for, you guessed it, added comfort! These are normally softer foams or gels, and while tempting, they won't provide enough stability for a typical workday. A pillow is great for relaxing, but not great for work, and you're here to get things done.
  • Support insoles- made from a harder material to provide extra support and stability, as well as comfort. These types of insoles are the best choice for work boots
  • Custom orthopedics- these are a little more technical: made by a podiatrist (foot doctor) for you if you have chronic foot issues. Flat feet or fallen arches giving you strife? These are the insoles for you.

So, what are the best insoles for work boots?

So now you know that support insoles are the best for work boots, here are some of the most trusted support insoles in the industry:

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles & Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles

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Super-feet insoles are the most trusted, and highest rated, when it comes to insoles for work boots, however, we only recommend these insoles if you can remove your existing insoles.

They have a range of different insoles (classified by color) but the best choice for work boots are the green or orange range, as they are made for roomier shoes and provide maximum support. They are so confident you’ll love them they offer a 60-day money back guarantee…you have nothing to lose.

The difference between orange and green?… the orange version rides a little higher, so:

  • if your shoe has low/mid ankle support, go for Superfeet green;
  • If your boots have high ankle support - Superfeet orange is for you.

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Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

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Timberland Pro have now come out with a replacement insole and like most of the gear they produce, they’ve nailed it. This mob does some of the best work boots out there, so its no surprise to see them making a great insole too.

The dynamic arch design adapts to all foot shapes for maximum support and comfort, and the OrthoLite top layer provides temperature regulation and antimicrobial odor control, meaning your feet stay dry, fresh, comfortable, and supported.

Insole fitting advice

  • Match your insole thickness with the one which came out of your shoe. If you get an insole that is too thick, things may get a little tight
  • If you have to trim them for fitting, start by trimming them one size bigger than your shoe size. See how that feels and adjust accordingly.
  • Remove your insoles every time you're not using your work boots- this allows trapped moisture to escape
  • To wash your insoles, simply use a mild detergent and air dry. Easy.

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