Keen Utility Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Boot Review

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Al Roberts
Last updated: 
April 9, 2024


  • Very Cool: Mesh liner provides breath ability to help keep your feet cool in warm weather environments
  • Leather and Mesh construction.
  • Great Grip: oil and slip resistant
  • Rubber Sole.
  • Padded heal designed for maximum comfort.

Let’s Talk Comfort…

This shoe is designed to keep your feet cool so if you work in a hot place this is a great choice for you. The mesh design is very light weight and allows air flow - air flow is very important to avoid sweaty feet, or worse, athletes foot. On top of that the Keens Atlanta has a soft sole and padded heal for optimal support; this is a work boot that simply doesn’t feel like a work boot. Given these comfortable features you can walk around all day in these and might forget you have work boots on.

Let’s Talk Safety…Capture4

The biggest selling point with regards to safety is the light weight and premier traction. This shoe has a great grip and its light weight will allow you to stay agile. If you work in an environment that has lots of hazards WHICH requires quick feet, this is a great work shoe. It won’t protect your ankle like a bigger work boot will but its light weight and traction will allow you to move quickly if need be. As we've also mentioned - you won't be getting moldy athletes foot thanks to the premier air flow these boots allow. If you work in a more unforgiving environment where floor levels hazards (.. rubble) are unavoidable at most times, these are not a great option.

Will They Last?

These shoes are very well made and durable - so if you use them in the right context, they should last you for years (please note: the right context for these boots is an environment where you are not constantly exposed to the elements) Your first thought might be how can a shoe made with mesh last? Well they do, these shoes don’t have the appearance of a usual work boot but they last as long as the best of them. Great running shoes are made from mesh, and if you think about it, they NEED to last as a runner is constantly applying pressure while running. Mesh is good!

What’s The Damage?

A very reasonable price, you can sometimes pick them up for less than $90 during sales. If these shoes fit your work place this will be the best investment you have ever made. If you want to keep your feet cool and comfortable and want a shoe for just about everything outside this is a steal of a deal. Keep in mind that if you buy these shoes they can also be used for other non-work purposes; thus you can save on buying that other pair of non-work shoes.

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