Men’s FlexForce® 6″ Boot

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Al Roberts
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January 26, 2024

If you’re working in general construction, transportation, oil and gas, service industries or many other kinds of jobs, you need a work boot that offers protection and long wear along with flexibility and comfort. That means a sole that allows plenty of flexibility for the forefoot and ball of the foot, with a welted heel for stability on broken ground or uneven terrain, and an insole that disperses the wearer’s weight for long hours on hard surfaces.

That’s where the Men’s FlexForce® 6" Boot comes in.


  • Heat and Electrical Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish look


  • High-cost Maintenance

Average Customer Ratings


LeatherBrown Taos Leather
OutsoleVibram® rubber - PU XClaim TC-4 Plus
Care ProductsLeather protector, NaturSeal™
Define HeelYes – 90 degree


Heat Resistan​​​​ce 

If you’re regularly exposed to hot surfaces or materials on the job, your feet need protection. The FlexForce® 6" boot is safety-rated with a heat-resistant outsole that provides insulation from temperatures as high as 300 degrees.

Vibram Sole 

Since the 1930s, the Vibram sole with its familiar lug pattern has been a standard for work boots, hiking boots, military boots and many other types of footwear. The FlexForce® 6" boot features a Vibram sole – and thanks to its welt-cement construction, it can easily be resoled when it wears down.


Red Wing knows that a great, well-made work boot still isn’t worth much to you if it’s not comfortable. The FlexForce® 6" boot is designed for all-day comfort, with their exclusive multi-layer DynaForce® insole that provides extra cushioning between the outsole and your foot. It also features a roomy toe box and a hiking boot-style padded collar that provides great support for your ankle as well as maximum comfort.

Orce® Insole 

This boot is also perfect for medium-duty jobs like warehouse work or truck driving, with great slip resistance for slick surfaces, and it won’t degrade or be damaged by exposure to oil or gas. It’s chemical-resistant, and its tough upper can hold up to a great deal of abrasion and hard use without damage. The FlexForce® 6" boot is also rated highly for electrical resistance, preventing electricity from flowing through the boot to the ground (in dry areas), making it a good choice for mechanics, electricians and maintenance workers.

DynaForce® Insole

A boot is only going to be as comfortable as its insole, and that’s where Red Wing has really done their homework. Their exclusive DynaForce® insole is a great combination of flexibility, support and stability for a boot that feels as comfortable as a pair of athletic shoes.

It features three layers:

  • a cushiony footbed for a shock-absorbing surface for your foot
  • a firmer insole layer for support
  • a midsole that provides extra cushion between the insole and outsole

Together, they add up to a system that disperses your weight and protects against the impact of thousands of footsteps, so your feet still feel great even after hours on concrete or other hard surfaces.

The FlexForce® 6" boot is lightweight and styled along the lines of a hiking boot, so it’s actually great for casual wear as well. It’s easy to take care of, with a brown Taos Leather upper that just needs treatment every few months with NaturSeal™ or a similar product so it stays supple and moisturized. And like all Red Wing boots, it’s covered by the company’s unconditional comfort guarantee.

If at any time during the first 30 days you should find you’re not happy with these boots, Red Wing will gladly refund the full purchase price, no questions asked – just bring them back to the store where you bought them, with your dated receipt of purchase. Red Wing also offers a one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, honored through your local store.

About Red Wing

For over 100 years, Red Wing has been synonymous with top-quality, American-made work boots. Founded in 1905, they were soon producing over 200,000 pairs of boots per year – Red Wing was selected as a primary vendor of combat boots in both the First and Second World Wars. Today, along with a core line of heavy-duty leather work boots, they also offer specialized work footwear that includes steel-toed boots, slip-resistant shoes for the service industry, athletic-type work shoes and boots with a metatarsal guard for the mining industry.

You can choose from logger-style boots, engineer boots, service oxfords, chukkas, hiking-style boots and more, along with traditional 6-inch or 8-inch work boots. Most of their production is still done in their home factory in Red Wing, Minnesota, as well as a second plant in Potosi, Missouri. If you’re a hard-working person who needs tough, hard-working boots, you can’t go wrong with Red Wing.

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