Review of The Men's Timberland 6 inch Premium Boot

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Al Roberts
Last updated: 
March 31, 2024

The Timberland Men's 6 Inch Premium Work Boot


  • Extremely Waterproof – The tongue is specially designed to attach to the rest of the boot. Lace these up and water won’t get in!
  • Sturdy Leather - they will go the distance
  • Rubber Sole
  • Padded heal designed for maximum comfort
  • 400 grams of premium insulation for superior comfort and warmth - you will NEVER go cold
  •  The Style master - Plenty of colors to choose from - choose from up to 17 super stylish colors

Let's talk comfort…

This boot is designed for those that spend all day on their feet. The exclusive anti-fatigue technology gives you long-lasting comfort. You can spend all day in these and rest assured that your feet won’t start aching. They have a soft sole and padded heel for optimal support. On top of that, your feet will be dry!! There is nothing less comfortable than having to work all day in wet feet and With the Timberland Premium, you will never have to worry about soaked socks.  Don't forget the fact that they come with 400 grams of toasty insulation! if you work in cold climates, great, if you do not, they may get a little too warm for you. Check out some of our other top-rated insulated boot here. A strong competitor when it comes to choosing extremely comfortable work boots, which are very important if you work long hours.

Let's talk safety…

The biggest selling point with regards to safety is the premier traction you will get. These boots grip, simple as that! The heel of this boot is 6.5 inches from the ground, so you will get adequate ankle support and protection.

This is also a very flexible boot. The bottom line is you should feel very comfortable in this boot, with lots of traction and durability to protect you against slipping hazards. No safety toe, but if you do not need a safety toe why get one? it will only weigh your boot down.

Will they last?

YES!!!!! These boots were built to last, after all, they ARE called 'The Premium' work boots. You won’t need to worry about replacing these boots often. This is the type of boot you buy if you work for a living and depend on your boots. Timberland has a very good track record for having the toughest and longest-lasting boots on the market. If that isn’t a big enough selling feature keeping your feet dry will make sure your they stay in great shape too.

What's the damage?

The price range on these bad boys will vary depending on the color and size you choose and where you shop. These are not the cheapest boots, but the bottom line -- you get what you pay for. If you work for a living, the last thing you want to do is skimp on boots. Your feet will pay the price for a cheap pair.

This is a serious work boot that is designed for a tough work environment. There are no other boots that give you so many awesome color options, yet still have high levels of comfort and safety. Get these and your feet will thank you later!!!!!

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