Review of the Red Wing heritage Moc Toe work boot

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Al Roberts
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April 5, 2024

The Red Wing heritage Moc-Toe work boot

Red Wing Mens Moc Toe Boot


  • High quality leather uppers.
  • Durable and slip resistant rubber, crepe wedge sole.
  • Made in the USA.
  •  A VERY stylish design.

Lets talk comfort…

Comfort and style are the big ticket items with the Red Wing heritage men's classic moc-toe boots. We believe these are possibly the most stylish work boots on the market, and plenty of people around the world agree.

One thing to consider about the comfort of these boots is that lots of users report the need for an added insole. Check out this page for insole advice for work boots.

Apart from the need for a better insole, they are very well made and will mold to the shape of your foot over time, leaving you with one very comfortable work boot.

We also have to mention, the leather is super tough, so they may feel a little tough during the first week or two of wear. This is the ‘breaking in period’ so there is no need to worry, they will only become more comfortable with time.

Lets talk safety…

Lets be honest, if you are looking at these shoes as work boots your probably more concerned with style. The are a sexy looking pair of boots, but with the lack of safety features, they are not made for harsh environments such as construction sites or the logging industry.

In saying that, they are a very well made, heavy set work boot which is a great choice if your work does not require you to trudge through rubble and uneven terrains day in, day out.

Will they last?

There is no doubt that these boots are well made with high quality materials, did we mention that they are hand crafted in the US?

Made using good year welt construction which means they are super durable work boots. This also means there is the option of replacing the sole with a new one if it ever wears down.

Its important to note, that if you work in harsh environment's, these work boots will not rate so highly when it comes to durability, so if this describes you, check out these work boots for other options.

Whats the damage?

Red Wing work boots are classic, stylish and trusted American work boots, meaning they may cost you a little extra, depending on where, and when you get them. Honestly though, they are a pair of work boots that you could wear to work, and also out on the weekends, so if they work for an all-in-one boot for you, its a fair price to pay.

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