Pros: Without a doubt the best thing about these puppies is how good they perform in water- 100% waterproof, guaranteed. Its safe to say users will be getting down and dirty (and wet), so the addition of a kick-rim for quick removal is one of those little things that you really appreciate, and it works! We also have to mention the high insulation properties of these boots because they will keep you warm, even in sub-freezing conditions.
Cons: So they keep you warm, but maybe too warm, if your working in conditions a little more balmy. Beware of this. Its also worth mentioning that high boots are not everyone's cup of tea, and you wont have the most stylish pair of work boots on the job.

The original MuckBoots Hi-Cut Boot


Featuresoriginal muck boot

  • Stretch fit top-line – creates a snug fitting seal so no water can enter through the top
  • Triple reinforced toe
  • Quadruple reinforced heel
  • Steel shank for additional arch support
  • Super insulating – you can wear these in sub-freezing conditions and still be warm
  • Kick rim for easy removal


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Lets talk comfort…

Many people believe rubber boots = sweat buckets…this is usually true, but not when it comes to the Muckboots company . This company has been making waterproof boots since man was wearing clothes, so they have really nailed the internal moisture-wick system. No water in, but internal moisture build up is constantly wicked away, meaning you don’t have to worry about clammy feet.

Super waterproof, and super insulating meaning you can wear them on the wettest, and coldest, of days.

They are also flexible, lightweight, have a wide heel and an internal flex-foam bootie… extreme levels of comfort? –  check!


Lets talk safety…muck boot company

There is no steel toe, but they are made from tough leather, with a TRIPLE reinforced toe and a QUADRUPLE reinforced heel, which more than makes up for it. Since you’ll be expecting water, and when wading through water you may not see what lurks beneath, a steel shank keeps your ankle supported – a very great level of comfort all round.


Will they last…

Muck boots are renowned for making work boots which last for years, years and years – in fact, many customer reviews reveal that this is one of the main reasons they are so popular. The original Muckboots high cut boots will definitely last, these are tough damn boots. The tough rubber out sole has been reinforced, 3 times, where you need it most, which is the toes, heels and Achilles.


Whats the damage?

If you need a waterproof work boot, there is really no limit to what you should pay since having wet feet at work sucks.  Ranging between $80-$130, we think this is an absolute steal. Who said you need to pay a fortune for the best?

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