Traction Tred 8” Boot

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May 3, 2024

The crepe-sole Traction Tred 8” boot has been a favorite of iron workers, factory workers, roofers, carpenters and many others for almost 70 years. Red Wing introduced the style in 1952, inspired by boot designs of the 1930s, and offered them in a russet-colored leather upper that was tanned with the sap from sequoia trees. The result was a rich, handsome color that was not unlike the fur of an Irish setter. It soon became a hit, and Red Wing sold nearly 50,000 pairs just in the year 1954.

They added a moccasin-style toe for comfort and flexibility, with a cream-colored wedge crepe sole that was designed for hunters who needed a boot that was truly quiet underfoot. It soon became a favorite of not just hunters, but workers who needed a boot that was surefooted and comfortable for working on ladders, scaffolds, high iron, concrete and anywhere else where comfort and stability were important. It’s a traditional design that has changed little since a pair was ceremonially given to President Dwight Eisenhower way back in 1960.

About the Traction Tred 6”

Model number: 877

Leather: Oro Legacy Leather

Construction: Goodyear Leather Welt

Insole: Texon®

Eyelets: Hardware-nickel

Upper design: moccasin toe

Sole: Blown crepe rubber

Care: Leather protector, NaturSeal™

Defined heel: no

Safety Features

With years of experience designing and manufacturing boots for working people, Red Wing definitely designed the Traction Tred 8 with safety in mind. The crepe sole is comfortable and flexible with excellent support, and its wedge heel reduces the risk of snagging or tripping, which is especially important for people who work on scaffolding, ladders or roofs. It doesn’t feature the heavy lugs of many other styles of boots, meaning it won’t pick up as much in the way of stones, mud and debris, and the non-marking crepe rubber is an excellent choice for roofers who don’t want to mar shingles.

For slip resistance, it has a “Best” rating, meaning it’s a great fit for service industry jobs. It also has a “Best” rating for resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals, and its tough uppers can stand a lot of abrasion and abuse in rough work.


The best pair of work boots won’t do you much good if the fit isn’t right and if they’re not comfortable enough to not wear out your feet at the end of eight hours. Comfort is where the Traction Tred 8” really shines. Its wedge heel and crepe sole are flexible enough to feel like a pair of sneakers or cross-trainers, while offering terrific support and stability. Crepe soles are especially favored for the flexibility they offer for the arch and forefoot. The moccasin stitching is designed with a ample toe box, and its 8” height is great for supporting the ankle and heel.

The leather uppers are from S. B. Foot Tanning Company, the preferred vendor for a variety of boots from Red Wing. The oil-tanned leather is resistant to water, stains and perspiration and is supple, yet tough. Oil-tanned leather has a more natural appearance, since fewer finishing products are used in the manufacturing process. The end result is a very traditional-looking work boot that’s easy to care for and stays looking good for years.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that, unlike many other crepe-soled boots, the Traction Tred 8 features Goodyear welt construction, meaning that it can easily be resoled when the time comes.

Whenever you buy a pair of boots from Red Wing, you have the peace of mind that comes with their Comfort Guarantee. During the first 30 days, if for any reason you find you’re not happy with your Red Wings, you can return them for a no-questions-asked refund. There’s also a full year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, provided the problems showed up during normal wear and tear. Just keep your receipt and return the boots to your Red Wing dealer, who will be happy to honor the warranty.

About Red Wing

When you get a pair of Red Wing boots, you’re buying a heritage for quality work boots that goes back well over 100 years. Red Wing was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota, way back in 1905 and was a preferred vendor for combat boots for the U.S. military in both World War One and World War Two. Along with the traditional heavy work boots that Red Wing’s reputation was built on, the company also makes styles that include logger boots, athletic-style work shoes, service oxfords, chukkas and much more. Red Wing also produces steel toed work boots and specialized boots, including boots for electricians and linemen with enhanced electrical resistance, metatarsal-guard boots for the mining industry, chemical-safe boots, tactical boots and many other variations. Along with their Minnesota plant, Red Wing also operates a plant in Potosi, Missouri.

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