Wolverine Men's Gold 6" Insulated Waterproof Boot Review

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Al Roberts
Last updated: 
April 23, 2024


  • Sturdy Leather - built to lastCapture 300x249 1
  • Great Grip/traction
  • Rubber Sole - resistant to wear
  • Padded heal designed for maximum comfort
  • Oil, water, abrasion, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant sole
  • 6” Heal for great protection and comfort
  • Direct-attached construction provides extreme flexibility and durability

Let’s Talk Comfort…

This is a very sturdy waterproof and warm boot; so if you work in cold environments this is a great option for you, at a great price. These boots will keep your feet as warm as many non-work winter boots; your feet are not going to get wet and cold in these. As most workers will attest there is nothing less comfortable than cold and wet feet—No worries!!! The Wolverine Gold excels in cold and damp conditions; with the 440 grams of Thinsulate insulation you’re going to get a boot that can be trusted in cold environments.

Let’s Talk Safety…

The biggest selling point with regards to safety is the premier traction you will Capture2get. These boots grip, simple as that! The heel of this boot is 6’ inches from the ground and the thick leather provides great ankle support and protection - large heels are a common trait in great logger boots. This is also a very flexible boot which offers plenty of traction and durability to protect you against slipping hazards.

Will They Last?

Without a doubt these boots will last!! The Wolverine is one of the oldest work boots out there and is still one of the best. This is a high quality boot that is going to endure through  tough conditions - in face these are made with tough conditions in mind! With the Wolverine Gold you are not going to have to worry about replacing them for years to come, therefore if you need to rely on a great pair of work boots in cold and wet conditions, the Wolverine Gold are a great option.

What’s The Damage?

These boot are VERY well priced for everything that you get - just take a look at some of the other insulated work boots on the market and you will realise that these boots are a bargain (visit this page to see other work boot reviews). Wolverine has perhaps the best track record out there and once you have a pair most workers go right back to them. This kind of quality and durability NORMALLY comes at a bit of a steep price but these boots represent great value.

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