Women's Winter Work Boots (Part 2 of 2)

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Al Roberts
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February 21, 2024

Welcome back to Part 2 of our spotlight on the best women's winter work boots! We'll pick up right where we left off before and review three more popular and stylish models of work boots for women.

Khombu North Star Thermolite Weather Rated Womens Winter BootsIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01868AWMI

This boot can double as both a work boot and a snow boot! Perfect for outdoor work in the snow. This boot will keep your feet dry, comfortable and supported all day long. They're lined with faux fur, and have a rubber sole that features a thick grip to give you excellent traction even in the snow and ice.

Ir?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01868AWMIThe Women's KhombuIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01868AWMI is Theodolite certified to keep your feet dry and warm down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. They lace up the front so it's easy to take them on and off in a hurry.

Women who wear these boots boast that they've had them for more than four years and have no interest in buying a new pair. They're sturdy, durable, and comfortable to wear all day long.

Timberland Women's 6 Inch Premium Fleece Lined WP Winter BootIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00REBN6Q8

If you're looking for a work boot that will keep your feet warm and dry but looks more like a classic boot, this is a great possibility for you. They're made of leather, with a half-inch platform to keep your feet out of the ice and slush.

Timberland bootsIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00REBN6Q8 are famous for being sturdy and these boots are no exception. They will keep your feet warm and dry and last you forever.

Ir?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00REBN6Q8Like most Timberlands, these boots run a bit large so you might want to downsize a half size if you're not planning to wear thick socks. Comfort, durability and style all in one boot!

Lugz Women's Convoy Winter BootIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B010U83QIY

This bootIr?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B010U83QIY is similar in appearance to the Timberland, but this one gives you lots of different options in color! If you have to wear boots, it's nice to be able to pick the color you like, right?

Ir?t=workbootcritic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B010U83QIYLugz are 100% Thermabuck, to keep your feet toasty and warm even in the middle of a blizzard. They feature a rubber sole and a cushioned insole to keep your ankles supported and feet comfortable all day long. It's tough being on your feet for eight hours a day, and you need a boot to keep you going. This can do that for you.

We hope this guide has given you some good tips on what to look for in a boot. It's tough to find good boots that fit the type of work women need to do, but all of the boots in this two part series will help you get the job done without sacrificing comfort or style!

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