Meet the Work Boot Critic team!



Al’s been through a few pair of work boots in his time!

Being a carpenter means he is no stranger to building sites, and no stranger to harsh working environments. Its safe to say he knows the importance of a good pair of work boots!

Building, concreting, excavation, laboring, painting….you name it, he’s done it!

In his younger years he admits to choosing the tight-arsed option and wearing the cheapest work boots he could find.

what a mistake he made….

after a year or so of back aches, sore legs, and all the other problems you commonly get with crappy work boots, he started to get serious about finding some good ones.

but damn it, there are so many to choose from, and so many opinions on which ones are the best…

…Work-Boot-Critic was born



Jetson loves building sites! he also loves bones, walks, tummy rubs, and other dogs…

..but Jetson’s number one favorite thing is: Chewing through work boots!

Jetson’s job is to find the toughest work boots, and try to out-chew them.

watch this space!