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logger bootsAnd the best logger boots are…

The logging industry is an industry riddled with danger, so when choosing your boots in this world, the right choice is critical. Just like the workers in this industry, the boots made for them are super tough, so you can be sure they will last the distance. Take a look at some of our top picks for logger boots here, and we reveal why logger work boots are so different to ordinary work boots. A good pair of loggers will cost you more than an average pair of work boots, so choosing the right pair (a pair that will last you years, no matter what) is very important.

most comfortable work boots for menAnd the most comfortable work boots are….

If you work long hours, or if you work in an industry where you spend long hours on your feet, having the utmost comfort is important to you. In fact, it’s more than important, it’s critical! If you are not feeling comfortable while you work, you can start feeling fatigued and sore, and this is prime time for injuries to occur. Who would have thought that by simply choosing a super comfortable pair of work boots you could avoid potential injury? Check out this article were we talk about what makes certain work boots so comfortable, and our top picks for the most comfortable work boots for men…

elyTop Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter is one of the premiere names in boots and work boots. Proprietary properties allow for premium performance for the long lasting life of the boots. With most of the boots ranging around $150, Irish Setter boots are a pretty good buy when you want a good quality long lasting boot. Below is a list of your top rated Irish Setter work boots, list is composed of customer’s experiences and our own personal opinions. Each of the Models below are available with various options, such as steel toe, soft toe, and 6″ or 8″ height. [Read More]

best insoles for work bootsBest insoles for work boots

Insoles? But don’t my work boots comes with insoles already? The answer is: yes, they do, but they might not be the best quality insoles. We think it’s worth it: spend a few dollars here, and get huge comfort benefits all day. It’s a small investment in reality, with a big outcome.

Having great work boots are one thing, but when you throw a pair of great insoles into the equation, your feet become VERY happy. If you’re looking for the best insoles for your work boots, click here, and learn about the different types of insoles, why they are important, and why your ‘stock’ insoles may not be good enough…

best work shoes for standingBest work shoes for standing

Retail workers aren’t the only staff who find themselves standing in one spot all day. As odd as it may sound, if you find yourself stationary for long periods, choosing the right work boot becomes even more critical. You need something that is going to support your whole body so you won’t feel like rubbish after a long day. This is even more important when you’re working on hard surfaces such as concrete, which can actually be very damaging to your joints and bones if you wear crappy boots. Check out our tips and reviews here of the right boots for these situations

top rated work bootsBoots coming apart? here’s how to repair them..

Hmmm, are your work boots looking like they have seen better days? Then maybe you are preparing to throw them out and spend money on a new pair. Before you throw them, read this article to see how you could do some small repairs and get a few more months, if not years out of them. More often than not, your work boots will take a beating around the work-site, and the inevitable may sometimes happen- they will start to fall apart. Before you trash them, check out this article, and learn how you can maximize your time in them with a few simple repair tips…

composite toe vs steel toeComposite toe vs steel toe, whats the difference, and which is the right choice for you?

Back in the good ol’ days it was steel toes or soft toes, one or the other. With recent innovations in the work wear industry, you can now choose between steel toes, aluminum toes, soft toes, or composite toes, with the most popular choices being steel and composite toes. Before you rush out and but the newest pair of composite toe work boots, get educated on the difference between the two, and the situations each type is suitable. Click here to read this article on safety toes: steel toes vs. composite toes... Just remember, the strongest toe protection is not always the right choice for you. See the video inside and you will see what we mean (Ouch!)

best insulated work bootsStay warm this winter with the best performing insulated work boots

If you often have to work in cold environments, you’ll know that the extremities of your body are the quickest to get cold – your head, hands and feet. Just because winter comes around, it doesn’t mean work can stop- the job has to get done and you are here to do it. Make sure you’ve at least got your feet covered by keeping them warm with a pair of insulated work boots – a little insulation goes a long way. Click here to read more about insulated work boots and discover the top picks that will keep your toes toasty on the coldest days…

best construction work bootsThe best construction work boots- don’t set foot on site without yours

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous working environments in the world – it’s typically littered with potential risks and hazards. Certain work boots are great for the construction industry- they are made tough, and will keep you safe. On the other hand, some work boots are not so great for construction and you should not set a foot on site with a pair of these. Click here to read about the best construction work boots, and why they are so important in this harsh environment. Making sure you choose the right pair will ensure you are safe, comfortable, and that your work boots last as long as they need to.

best waterproof work bootsThe best waterproof work boots- don’t let water ruin your day

Ever spent a day at work with wet feet? We have, so we know how much it sucks (which is a lot). If your work in or around water, a pair of truly great waterproof work boots will be your most valuable asset in keeping you happy and comfortable at work. Most work boots are made out of water resistant materials, and some even go further to keep water out. In this article however, we are on the hunt for the most waterproof work boots that will guarantee you have dry feet. Check out this article where we reveal some of the best waterproof work boots available, and discover why a great pair of these boots do so much more than just keep water out…

how to waterproof work bootsThe guide to waterproofing your work boots

If you have a pair of leather work boots you will know that they are quite waterproof already (tight-grained leather repels water) however, they are not totally waterproof. There’s a few simple things you can do to make them even more waterproof. Click here to read our guide to waterproofing your work boots, where we reveal the most common ways to achieve this, as well a secret-desperate-DIY waterproofing tip. Following these tips will not only help keep water out, but also help your work boots last longer- did you know that when your premium leather gets moist, its start to break down faster than usual?

work boot careUpkeep tips to make your work boots last

If you love your work boots as much as we do, you’ll be shattered when they eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. Good boots ain’t cheap either, so naturally, you will want to make them last as long as possible. It makes sense to take good care of them doesn’t it? The longer they last, the less you will have to spend on boots overall. A great pair of boots will be durable, but there are a few extra steps you can take to me them last even longer. Click here to read our article and discover some tips which you can use today to make your work boots last…


Waterproof creams and sprays for your work boots

So you’ve decided that it’s time to waterproof your work boots, and you’re looking for the right cream/wax/spray to use? This is a good choice on your behalf, after all, you are stopping the water from getting in, and ensuring your boots put up with the ‘wear-and-tear’ much better. Waxes, creams, sprays, rubs….there are a lot of choices out there, so click here to read about the best waterproof creams and sprays for your work boots. Choosing the wrong one and could actually cause more harm than good, so make sure you read carefully and do your work boots a favor.

best work boot brandsWhat are the best work boot brands? we reveal the top 5

There is a lot of high quality work boots on the market thanks to all of the competition between work boot brands – but who hold the title for the best work boot brand? We get excited when we discover a truly great work boot brand. Why? Because if you find a great brand, you find a great supply of great work boots. It’s very normal to stick with one brand of boots for most of your working career if they make great shoes, so find out about the best of the best here. click here to see our review of the top 5 best ever work boot brands, and discover why they are so good…


where can i buy work bootsTips on where to buy work boots…

With the amount of retailers (online and offline) these days tasks as simple as buying a new pair of work boots can get confusing. As more and more consumers turn to the online world for their shopping, the services offered get better and better. We think you should be doing your work boot shopping online, but from which online marketplace? The winner is an obvious choice, and one you most likely use quite often, so read this article here to find out. You are one step closer to finding your perfect work boots.

best work boots for womenBest work boots for women –  ladies getting the job done…

Traditionally, construction work was an industry reserved for men, but times-a-changing. In the early days, women were restricted entry into the construction industry, but once these issues were resolved, the numbers of women entering started to grow. Women now make up a large part of the construction industry, which is great, but unfortunately there are not many options for women when it comes to work boots. See the best work boots for women here, and make sure you make the right choice if you are entering the field. Safety should be the number one concern for men and women alike, so make sure you choose the right P.P.E for you.


work boots for plantar fasciitisSore Feet? – Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis!

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that affects majority of the hard working folk of North America – even if they do not realise it yet! The most common trigger of this condition is using poor quality work boots with poor cushioning, who would have thought? You work boots may have insoles, and these insoles may be soft but this does not mean you are immune to developing Plantar Fasciitis – read more about this article nasty disease here! The good news is that there are some great work boots on the market that can help you with this condition, so don’t waste any time, get a pair today!

working IN concreteBest Work Boots For Concrete

Whether you’re working IN concrete, or ON concrete, there is one thing you should know: concrete is a very dense (when hard) material, and can be very messy and unforgiving (when wet) so if you work with it more than the average joe, you need a special pair of work boots my friend. Read the article here to find out why. Concrete is everywhere nowadays, so chances are you will be working with it for some period of time. If you spend hours standing on-top of concrete, you need boots with super shock absorption, and if you work with wet concrete, you need boots that will stop the wet slurry coming in, while keeping your feet dry and safe.

pit bos 1Top Rated Durable Work Boots

When it comes to work boots, durability is usually the number one concern. When boots can cost upwards of $150, you want a pair that are going to last and are applicable to just about any job you would like to do in them. As well as durability, safety is included in these reviews because it’s important for your safety and it lengthens the life of your boots. By having good quality boots that last, you will be safer, and it will save you money. Due to the extensive amount of brands for boots, we prepared a small list of some highly recommended work boots. This list is based on our own personal opinions and experiences, as well as other customers’ personal experiences. [Read more]

Metatarsal bonesMetatarsal Work Boots

What are metatarsals? they are the 5 bones located on the top section of your feet. Why should you protect them? because they are generally weak bones and when working on a building site they are very vulnerable to injury.  Think your safety toes are enough? think again. when it comes to safety, some people go the extra mile with a pair of metatarsal work boots. These work boots will stop your feet from getting injured no matter what direction the threat is coming from. Read this article to find out why these work boots are important in dangerous situations.

Breaking in work bootsHow To Break In Work Boots Like A Pro

A common catch 22 when buying work boots is this – the more durable/tough your work boots, the longer they will last, and the longer they will take to ‘break in’. Breaking in your work boots is usually a painful, frustrating time, where you put up with blisters and sore feet, sometime up to 4 weeks. We have good news for you – it doesn’t have to be this way! learn 4 secret hacks to breaking in your work boots in not time. Read this article and follow our instructions and within no time you will be wearing your new work boots with a big smile in no time.

Haven’t found what your looking for? Click here for work boot reviews and comparisons of some of the best work boots available to the working man…

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