The Best Waterproof Work Boots - Don't Let Water Ruin Your Day

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March 27, 2024

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if you need to deal with water often in your day-to-day duties, a standard work boot just wont cut it- you need something that works even harder to keep the water out.

A boot designed to deal with water will work in two ways: as well as keeping your feet nice and dry, they will stop your feet turning into sweat machines.

We’ve created this article to show you the best rated waterproof work boots, which means the ones that not only stop water coming in, but will also provide comfort and stop internal moisture build up from perspiration.

Depending on your job, and your work environment, which of the following two statements describes you best?

“ need an all round work boot which is also water resistant as 'm sometime exposed to water”


“My boots must be 100% waterproof as 'm always dealing with water"

If you chose the first statement, your sometimes exposed to water, but not constantly. 99% of the leather work boots on the market today come with great levels of water protection, so you should focus on finding a pair that is comfortable, and provides the necessary foot protection required for your situation…just make sure to use a waterproofing cream/wax as often as you need to.

If the second statement describes you best, you have come to the right place, you need the best waterproof work boot money can buy, since your feet will constantly be exposed to water. You need 100% confidence that they will stay dry, every time, so Read on to see the best in the market for keeping you dry.

Top WaterProof Boots

The Trade Off: Comfort Vs Waterproofness

There are plenty of people who still believe that if you want legitimate waterproof work boots, you need to sacrifice comfort.

This used to be the case, but not anymore. We live in the 21st century right? The technology behind work boot construction has come a long way- you can now have it all.

Great waterproof work boots are typically made from rubber- not leather, as rubber is the greatest material out there when it comes to stopping water.

You can completely submerge your feet in water with rubber work boots, and still be bone dry.

In the good old days, this used to be a problem because rubber was not breathable (and still isn't), so your feet would sweat, and that sweat would stay in your shoes- no water in, no water out.

So what have they done about it?

Now your high end waterproof rubber work boot will be built with a breathable lining, such as Gore Tex, which helps in regulating heat and releasing moisture…so no more sweat buckets…hooray!

The Best Waterproof Work Boots: Here Are The Top Performers

please note, that these boots are not just waterproof work boots for men, but also women.

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Muck are well and truly at the head of their game when it comes to waterproof rubber work boots- they are the number one pioneers in this area. They were the first to use neoprene in their design (the stuff wet suits are made from) and they continue to push the boundaries, in order to provide you with the best range of waterproof work boots possible.

The muck-master is the ultimate, all weather, heavy duty boot. It covers all bases- extremely durable, superior foot protection, high-quality comfort, and of course, 100% waterproof (With technology that allows you feet to breathe)

Designed to handle water, dirt, and even snow, these boots will give you what your looking for- which is waterproofness, comfort, and safety. Some of the outstanding, innovative features worth mentioning include a crush resistant toe, heavy duty traction sole (no slipping in these bad boys) and a removable 6mm ‘nitracel” EVA sock liner. Its easy to see that Muck is pushing to boundaries, and this work boot is a clear winner.

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We had to include this boot, again by muck, as a lightweight alternative to the muck-master- because your looking for waterproof work boots, but maybe you don't need all of those hardcore safety features?

You still get 100% waterproofness, high quality safety features (such as a triple reinforced toe and heel) and undeniable comfort, but also a lightweight, flexible work boot… its no wonder this is one of mucks all time best selling boot.

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This work boot boasts all that you would expect in a contender on this list- high performance rubber to keep out the elements, a sturdy steel toe, and a dual-density insole for comfort and support.

Like Muck, Bog have payed attention to providing a boot which is 100% waterproof, but also works hard to eliminate any perspiration within the boot. The boot lining is double acting- it will provide insulation on those cold days, and makes use of air channel technology to remove moisture constantly, meaning your feet stay dry no matter what.

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If your looking for a low profile, less gum-booty-looking waterproof alternative to the options above, the timberland white ledge is the boot for you. Read a detailed review of this boot on this page. Please be aware that this choice will not be 100% waterproof as its made from leather, not rubber, but it will be damn close. If you choose this boot, make sure you apply a waterproofing cream, wax or spray often.

To help you fight water with confidence, this boot has been made from premium waterproof tight-grained leather and then seam-sealed for greater protection (the seams are the weak points on leather boots). The removable dual-density EVA footbed, padded collar and full gusseted tongue (which stops debris getting in) will keep you comfortable from the moment you put them on. Not the most complete waterproof boot you could ask for, but a great alternative for those not exposed to constantly wet working environment's.

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