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Review of the Red Wing Iron Ranger Work Boot

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The Red Wing Heritage Mens 6″ Iron Ranger Work Boot


  • Hand made in the US.
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty TRIPLE stitched welts and seams.
  • Non-marking leather uppers. (scuffs can be removed with your fingers!)
  • Oil resistant soles that won’t mark floors.
  • Choice of widths to give extra comfort fit.
  • A wide choice of beautiful colors.
  • Speed lacing hooks at top of boot – get them on quickly.
  • They’re damn good looking boots!

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Let’s talk comfort…

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot is a quality boot that is designed to give many years of hard-wearing comfort. If you have worked a hard day before, you will understand the value of comfortable work boots. Each boot size comes with a choice of three width fittings so you don’t have to worry about boots that are a little too loose or a little too tight. Red Wing specialises in high comfort and high-quality shoes, so these boots are no surprise.

Like all well-made, robust footwear the boots can take a little time to form to the contours of your feet, but when the cork midsole and leather inner sole have worn-in and shaped to your feet they will be so comfortable that you will happily wear them all the time.

Let’s talk safety…

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot is designed more for those jobs around the house and in the yard than for heavy industrial use. When used in that setting it provides you with more support than you would find in most of your footwear. The 6” high boot gives you added ankle support for all those jobs that you do when rough ground is involved. The oil-resistant sole will provide you with a little more grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Added to that the water-resistant leather and slip-resistant sole make them ideal for walking in the snow or wet.

As long as you are not working in highly hazardous environments, these work boots will keep you safe. If you work in an industry where danger is constantly present (for example, logging) you may want to consider a different option. Construction work boots are better suited in those cases.

Will they last?

These boots are designed for long term durability. The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot has over 100 years of heritage behind them. They are designed to last for many years. When, eventually, they do start to show some wear the Red Wing company has its own repair facility in Minnesota where you can have your boots refurbished to bring them back to first-class condition. That is great news for anyone looking for long-lasting boots.

What’s the damage?

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot is priced a little above average in the initial outlay but, when looked at over the many years of wear that you will get out of them they are well worth the little extra cost – they WILL end up being cheaper in the long run (you won’t need to replace these often)

The Red Wing company only deals with high-quality products (after all, they were rated as one of the best work boot brands) and that’s all you will get with these puppies. These boots aren’t designed to compete with the low-cost imports — they are designed with quality and long-lasting value in mind. If you are looking for cheap low quality work boots, look somewhere else

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Ogden Wernstrom

In the 1970s, I drove a delivery truck, serving mostly industrial sites. We would get $30 per year toward steel-toed boots, and a pair was expected to last only a year. Usually, within a year of use, there would be a hole worn or torn in the upper, the welt might be coming apart, and some lace hooks might be missing.

In 1977, they told us it was the last year we would get the subsidy. I ponied up for the expensive Red Wing 9″ boot, which looks similar to the Ranger. I think they were $90+. But I wore them for 3 more years of 5- to 6-day-a-week wear on that job. I don’t wear them very often any more, but they have no holes, and I have replaced only laces and insoles over the years. (Admittedly, the soles are worn to where the lugs are nearly gone in places – they could use resoling.) I have used neatsfoot oil and Huberd’s grease on the leather over the years.

I still remember that break-in was easy, though the leather is thick. I hope Red Wing still makes that level of quality – design, materials and workmanship were all excellent.

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