The Timberland PRO Endurance Men's 6" Waterproof Work Boot Review

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Al Roberts
Last updated: 
April 5, 2024

The Timberland PRO men's endurance 6" waterproof work boot


  • Rugged full-grained leather uppers.
  • Rubber anti-slip sole.
  • Flexible steel-flex puncture-resistant sole plate.
  • Cement construction for flexibility
  • Electrical hazard protection.
  • Waterproof membrane.
  • Extra-wide steel toe.
  • Anti-fatigue technology comfort system.
  • Comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee.

Lets talk comfort…

The Timberland Pro endurance work boots are made using cement construction, which leaves you with a flexible, malleable, and ultimately very comfortable work boot. They haven't stopped there as they also offer an ‘anti-fatigue technology comfort system’ which basically works to minimize impact through shock-absorbing pads that compress and rebound with every step. The result of this great support for your feet and less fatigue on those longer days.

These boots will definitely be one of the most comfortable options you try, as they are made for the long-shift worker. Timberland Pro offers a 30-day comfort guarantee: during the first month if you are not completely satisfied, return the boots for a full refund with no questions asked.

Let's talk safety…

Safety is another key strong point with these work boots, and all the standards are included: a safety toe, anti-shock technology, and an anti-slip rubber sole. Don't forget that comfort plays a critical role in your safety too - the higher the level of comfort, the less the incidence of fatigue, and ultimately fewer injuries. which In addition to this, included is a flexible steel-flex anti-puncture sole plate, so no matter what you step on, nothing is getting through your work boots. These safety features are all a man (or women) needs on a dangerous construction site to keep their feet safe.

On top of all of this, they have an impenetrable water membrane to keep your feet dry day in and day out.

Will they last?

These work boots were obviously made for tough situations so you would expect them to have a long innings, and the only concern here is that they are made using cement construction rather than Goodyear welt construction. The latter method is ideal for durable work boots and the former for comfortable work boots.

In saying this, Timberland Pro has been making durable work boots for years, so these work boots will still last if you're not working in the harshest environments daily. It's a trade off between extreme comfort and extreme durability, and if you are working for long hours, comfort is your number one priority.

What's the damage?

For such a high quality work boot you would expect to pay dearly, but These work boots are very reasonably priced. When it comes to working long shifts there is no price to pay for being comfortable and feeling great, and the Timberland Pro Endurance work boots will keep you just that, at an affordable price.

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