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And the best logger boots are…

Timberrrrrrr…..chippewa super logger boots

The logging industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the US, so it’s no surprise there’s a big fuss about safety gear.

When it comes to work boots, a stock standard pair of boots just won’t cut it– you need something special- a real pair of logger boots.

There are a few brands out there who specialize purely in logger boots, and for this reason, you know you’re going to be wearing the best. Anything made by Chippewa, Carolina, Danner, or Wolverine will usually be the goods.

Felling trees is risky business, so make sure your out of harm’s way, starting with your feet. We’ll show you what a great pair of logger work boots can do for you, and the most trusted logger work boots available.

Our Top 5 Logger Boots

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How are logger boots different from normal work boots?

Logger work boots are designed differently from your standard work boots, they focus on a few features (which are important to loggers) are done extremely well. These are:

  • Extra Traction– high levels of slip and oil resistance will ensure you get a good grip in all types of weather.
  • A tall heel– you often step with your heel first when negotiating unknown terrain, so a higher heel than normal comes in handy
  • 100% waterproof yet Breathable– the outside should be made from water-resistant leather, but the inside should be made from a breathable material. You need to stay dry, but at the same time, your boots should be circulating airflow.
  • Support– a high boot coupled with a good quality shank will provide much-needed support over those harsh terrains.

Our vote for the top 5 (in no particular order)

Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Work Boot

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Georgia Boot boasts a line of impressive work boots, but the Men’s Loggers Work Boot really checks all of the boxes. This classic style offers everything you need in a quality logger boot: comfort, stability, traction, toughness, and a reasonable price.

These boots feature a 100-percent leather upper and rubber insole for durability and protection from the elements. Plus, sturdy metal eyelets and built-in steel toes ensure your boots stay in place and keep your feet safe when working out in the field. Rain or shine, the waterproof exterior will keep your feet warm and dry until your shift is over. Whether you’re dealing with pouring rain or muddy puddles, nothing will get past the airtight construction of these boots.

Georgia Boot offers a one-year warranty for their boots in normal work conditions, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a trustworthy company that believes in their product. While these boots are not insulated, they are a great option for colder temperatures when paired with quality wool socks. The defined heel makes these work boots an excellent choice for linemen and other workers who rely on a good grip throughout their days.

Chippewa Men’s 8” Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe Logger 

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If you’re roughing it in the wet Pacific Northwest, this is the logger boot you want to consider.

The Chippewa Men’s eight-inch logger boot is a steel-toed beast consisting of 100-percent genuine leather.

As its name implies, this boot is eight inches tall from the arch, giving you great ankle support. Because the boot does away with a lot of the frills of logger boots designed for winter weather, you’ll find it lighter, and more affordable, than many others. But you can still rely on the quality waterproofing and insulation you expect from Chippewa-made work boots. The Nylex inner-lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet cool and comfortable in any weather. Outfitted with a Vibram Tacoma synthetic sole, you can easily gain your footing or brake in these logger boots.

The Chippewa Men’s 8” Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe Logger offers protection against magnetic charges, and the steel toe cap meets all typical safety standards. What more could you ask of a rugged logger boot? Personally, we can’t think of much else.

Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Work Boot

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These are really a pair of solid, hardcore logger boots. These have made the top 5 because they without a doubt are one of the toughest pairs of logger boots available to man. If you’re looking for a straightforward, tough logger that will last the distance, these are for you.

Made in the USA (so you know they are quality), they feature extremely durable full-grain double-thick leather uppers, that are triple stitched with strong nylon thread. Just to add to the toughness are extra heavy-duty lace eyelets and a fiberglass shank. In fact, these boots are so tough that they’ve been designed so they are re-sole-able, which means if you wear your sole down, you can send them off to have a new one fit, no need to buy a whole new pair of boots.

100% waterproof externals, and to eliminate internal moisture they feature a cambrelle lining as well as a waterproof gore-tex liner- guaranteed for at least one year.

Yes, they may be heavy, and yes, since they are so damn tough they have a longer break-in period, but if you’re looking for an extremely tough boot that can take a battering in harsh conditions and still last you years, look no further than the Danner super rain forest boots.

Timberland PRO Men’s Rip Saw Composite-Toe Logger Boot

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Next up is a solid contender in our list of best logger boots. The rugged Timberland PRO Men’s Rip Saw composite-toe logger boot hits the mid-range budget yet doesn’t sacrifice any toughness.

First, these boots are 100-percent leather and textile, except for the deep rubber sole. You get Ever-Guard protection which keeps the boot puncture-proof, and a warm waterproof lining keeps you dry all day and night. Thanks to a composite material, the toe caps are lightweight yet meet safety standards.

Best of all, Timberland boots include patented anti-fatigue comfort. Shock-absorbing cones disperse energy before your foot feels it.

Because you depend on your boots to keep you on your feet in any weather, Timberland went above and beyond with the PRO line of composite-toe logger boots.

Chippewa Men’s 9-inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot 

[amazon fields=”B001D1E18M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B001D1E18M” value=”button”]

If you’re roughing it in the wet Pacific Northwest, this is the logger boot you want to consider.

The Chippewa Men’s nine-inch logger boot is a steel-toed beast consisting of 100-percent genuine leather.

As its name implies, this boot is nine inches tall from the arch, giving you great ankle support. Because the boot does away with a lot of the frills of logger boots designed for winter weather, you’ll find it lighter, and more affordable, than many others. It’s waterproof and insulated, and the steel toe cap meets safety standards.

What else could you ask of a rugged logger boot?

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

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Steven Buchanan

Where’s Georgia boots on your list……kinda offended

    Big Al

    They are great boots Steve I agree with you, however I have not included them as I have no experience with them as of yet! Will be doing a few Georgia boot reviews shortly so stay tuned!

    Any that you recommend??

    Tom Brugger

    Georgia Boot has THE BEST loggers!! Most comfortable than ANY other brandd.


I bought my first pair of Carolinas in November and it’s now March and they’re falling apart. I spent $135 for them what I was told would be a good work. Not just good but great they weren’t that comfortable they gave me crazy calluses on my toes and they’re falling apart inside come apart when I pull my boot off the toes have big holes in the threads are coming out in the threaded spots not such a great boot if you ask me. I am a groundsman for a high demanding tree company in Kansas City Missouri. as well as I do firewood during the winter. my boss recommended those boots to me don’t think I’ll be buying a second pair. any advice.?

    Big Al

    Carolinas are renowned for being great, so it surprises me to hear your story. Check your warranty as most good loggers will come with a warrantee on workmanship.

    My Favourite are Danners or Chippewa, so my advice is choose them for your next choice. And DONT FORGET to take care of your new boots, according to our guide here which will show you how to make your next pair of boots last.

      Bradford Couture

      Carolina and Georgia boots are junk, Chippewa, Wesco, and Whites have been around for over 100 years look it up, Nicks or Wranglestar as they are also known are made the same as Whites, there us a new comer in thecMarket that I have tried called the Justin Jmax logger which is as durable as Chippewas check them out.


        I would have to disagree, I am just now replacing my Gor Tex Georgia boots after 12 years and 2 sole replacements… The leather itself is finally failing. Best boots I have ever owned.


You didn’t mention wesco, hoffman Hawthorne,or nicks. In my experience Nick is by far the beat

Phil Blanchard

I have bought Carolina boots for few years now it makes a world of difference if there lace to toe or not ………lace to toe are amazing when you untie your boots they slide right off unlike standard laced boots .

John McKeag

These boots are junk – all trading on the name recognition of once respected makers. Poorer quality materials and build means boot will quickly break down and no longer support the foot. Better off spending on durable, rebuildable boots such as Wesco or Nicks that will fit better longer and outlast the trash reviewed many times over. The reviewer isn’t doing anyone any favor pushing such rubbish!


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