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Best work boots for women – Ladies getting it done

The construction industry is the nations fifth largest creator of jobs, and is becoming more and more lucrative. For this reason, job levels are booming and more people, men and women alike, are looking for a piece of the pie.

The construction industry WAS predominately secured by men once upon a time, and this was partly due to the fact that entry into this workforce was restricted to only men. For this reason, the number of construction work boots for men far outweigh the number of work boots for women. As times are changing, and the work sites becomes more open to equal opportunities, the number of women on construction and job sites is starting to increase dramatically. You go girls!

Why ladies work boots are different

With the rise of women on construction sites around the country (and the world) comes a need for specialized safety gear as women’s builds are genetically different from men in many ways. The following points are some of the difference between work boots from men to women:

They are smaller – It’s natural that women and men are different sizes and as such, a woman’s foot is usually smaller than a man’s. If women were to wear a man’s shoe, they may find that the width of the shoe is too wide, the length longer than needed, and the weight considerably heavier than their own.

A lack of variety – Again, as women are not dominant in the industry, the selection of work boots to choose from is scarce. It can easily become frustrating to search for a certain kind of feature, as it may not currently be available. As the industry continues to employ more women, the assortment will naturally improve, but it would be best to simply concentrate on what it presently accessible on the market.

Pricing may be more expensive –  In the supply and demand market, an item that is harder to locate will naturally cost more. The need of woman’s work boots is small and may require special manufacturing to accommodate the deviation from men’s boots, as they are already produced on a large scale. Naturally, this would result in a higher worth, even if the shoe is nearly identical to the man’s version.

Fashion is still considered – While men have more choices regarding the specific features of their work boots, women will commonly have a wider option of color and style. This option is extensively welcome by a number of women who don’t want to sacrifice style because simply they work in a certain industry. It makes sense look great while still being safe, right?

So what are the best women’s work boots?

Here are our picks for the top 3 best work boots for women. There are plenty more options out there if you find that none of the following are right for you, but these 3 choices are among some of the best:

Wolverine Harrison 6″ Steel-Toe Work Boot Women

Wolverine Harrison 6

These highly-rated work boots are constructed using high-quality oiled leather and have a rubber sole for the best possible grip. They have a handsome, rugged construction that uses lightweight materials in order to balance out the weight of the steel toes. These are non-conductive and ASTM-rated, so we’re assured of their safety.

We recommend that you get these boots if you’re in the lookout for the following:

  • Steel-toed work shoes made especially for women
  • High-quality construction that doesn’t compromise on comfort
  • The protection of a steel toe without the electric hazard
  • Breathable linings to combat sweat
  • Durability even after prolonged use in a tough working environment


best womens work bootsWomen’s DuraShocks® Steel-Toe Waterproof EH 6″ Work Boot

This attractive boot is constructed by Wolverine, boasting a waterproof leather exterior and rubber out-sole that enhances traction. It is a combination of a work boot (for safety) and a hiking boot (for comfort), and you get the best of both worlds. It has a steel toe for defense, yet is lighter than the average work boot. An alternative to steel toes is composite toes, both having a range of pros and cons and are suited for different situations. The lining is cushioned and designed to eliminate sweat, ensuring dry skin for the entirety of the day. As necessary, this boot has been fortified to meet the industry’s requirement. These boots will be great for you if:

  • You want a work boot that can be used as a hiking boot.
  • Comfort and safety are equally as important to you.
  • You work in warm areas – the interior of the boot wicks away internal moisture (built up from sweat) to keep you feet dry all day.


Timberland Women’s 6″ Premium Waterproof BootTimberland womens work boots

Timberland is well known in the work boot industry for making great boots, so its great to see them making women work boots as well. This work boot boasts all of the standard, high performing features that the men’s Timberland boots have: Tight-grained waterproof leather with sealed seams, A slip resistant rubber sole, and awesome comfort features. Go for a pair of Timberland women’s work boots if:

  • Your looking for Timberland work boots which are renowned fore being great.
  • Its cold – these are lined with 400g of toasty insulation to keep you warm though winter.
  • Style – these are pretty sexy looking boots, right?


There are plenty more options if the ones covered above are not the right choice for you, so head on over to this page to see where you can find them. Alternatively, if you are looking for highly waterproof work boots or wellington boots, this pair is a great start.

For more information on high quality work boots, including work boots for all industries, this page has you covered with a comparison table, reviews and advice on everything related to work boots!

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I work 15-16 hours per shift in all kind of weather and locations, from scorching hot on city pavement to pouring rain in the forest to freezing cold and in the snow. I have high arches and have had metatarsal fractures repaired on both feet. I have prescription orthotics. I don’t really need a steel toe but water resistance is a must. What would you recommend? Thanks!

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