Cold Weather Work Boots - Stay Warm In Winter With The Best Insulated Work Boots

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Al Roberts
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March 25, 2024

Insulated Article E1401260375362 As winter rolls around, so do many new challenges at work. With cold temperatures come rain, snow, ice, and new safety risks.

if you're going to have to crack out the winter safety gear, start with the most important gear- your work boots. If you're fighting the cold, you need a pair of insulated work boots for men.

There are plenty of great high-quality boots out there, but Depending on how cold it gets, many of these will be impractical, even dangerous when the mercury drops.

First things first: you need to know what to look for, and then finding the right pair of boots for you will be a breeze (excuse the pun)

How to buy the right pair of cold weather work boots (insulated work boots)

Geez, with all the options out there, it can be tough choosing the one which will best fit your needs. Here are some pointers to make life easy for you:

How cold will it get?

The colder it is, the warmer you’ll want your boot to be, so look for a boot with a Thinsulate lining, which is the most advanced form of insulation around. The higher the gram rating, the warmer the boot, we’ll talk more about this below

 Are you expecting snow and rain?

Make sure your boot is very waterproof because if your feet get wet, they will stay wet and cold all day. Some boots will have waterproof leather lining, some will a Gore-TeX membrane for waterproofing, and some will have both.

 Which safety features does your job site require?

If you're required to have safety toe boots, choose a composite toe over a steel toe, as they will not transfer the cold, steel will. The same applies to shanks if you require ankle support- choose fiberglass or nylon shanks over steel.

What's your Thinsulate gram rating?

Thinsulate is the most advanced workbook-insulating material around -- it's so great because it's very insulating, but very light (or thin), which means it doesn't take up a lot of space.

When buying insulated work boots, you’ll find they have a gram rating from 100-1000, the higher the rating, the warmer the boot.

Here's a quick guide on choosing the right rating for you:


This is the most common level of insulation for standard work boots. You will be all right in cold conditions if you have a high level of activity during work. Best choice if Your body heat is normally high because your job is very physical.


If you're looking for something warmer than the norm, here is the answer for you. It's very cold, but you don't have to be constantly moving around. Best choice if your body heat stays at a normal level during most of the day.


It's getting damn cold, there's snow, ice, and your job doesn't require you to move around much at all. This will keep you very warm.


BRRRRRR -- t's extremely cold, and you're only required to move around lightly during the day.


We feel sorry for you. You will only consider this much insulation in very extreme cases.

The Top 3: The Best Insulated Work Boots For Men

Our picks for the top three best insulated work boots are:

Wolverine Men's Gold 8" Insulated Waterproof Boot

Beautifully warm and very comfortable.

The 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation and waterproof means this wolverine work boot is a great all-rounder if you looking for a boot to keep you warm and dry during the colder months.

Designed for a flexible fit, you’ll not only stay warm, but comfortable too, with the removable, fully cushioned foot-bed. The sole is water, abrasion, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant, meaning this is one damn tough, comfortable work boot for those colder days.

Chippewa Men's 8 Inch Briar Insulated Waterproof Logger Rugged Boot

Warm and extremely safe work boots.

If you're looking for a boot with great insulation, great safety, that's also very waterproof, Look no further than a pair of these puppies, made by Chippewa, who specialize in boots for the logging industry (where its almost always wet and cold)

100% waterproof thanks to the signature ‘chip-a-tex’ water-proof system, and Lined with 400 grams of Thinsulate to keep you warm all day.

If you're working up a sweat, no need to worry about sweat problems as they are also lined with Ruby dri-lex, which is sweat-controlling fiber, so you can be sure your feet will stay warm and dry, no matter how hard you work.

Go for this boot if you're looking for something that will keep you warm, but also if you are looking for something with maximum safety features, and that will keep the water at bay.

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock Waterproof ST Work Boot

Extremely warm, made for the coldest climates.

If the mercury is really dropping, you're going to need to add a little more insulation to your life, starting with your feet.

These boots were clearly made for extremely cold situations. 600 grams of toasty insulation, waterproof leathers and membranes keeps you bone dry, and dual-density cold weather outsole maximizes traction in cold weather. The smart use of a composite safety toe instead of a steel toe, aids in insulation while still providing much-needed protection.

Super comfortable, super durable, and super warm, makes this boot a clear winner when looking for an insulated work boot.

This boot WILL NOT FAIL to keep you warm and dry in even the coldest conditions.

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