What Are the Best Work Boot Brands? We Reveal the Top 5

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Al Roberts
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July 8, 2022

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So you want to know what the best work boot brands are, do you?

You should have asked this question 50 years ago, because would have been a straight forward answer, a clear winner

SO MUCH has changed since then…

There are now dozens of decent boot brands, all competing to come up with the greatest work boots.

This means there are plenty of awesome work boots being made, and with a new pair being released pretty much every month, which brand is consistently coming through with the goods?

The winner of this title will be determined by a few things:

Your work environment, your needs, and what the work boot company specializes in (for example, Chippewa focuses on logger boots, while caterpillar tend to focus on construction boots)

Have a think about what you need the most when it comes to your work boots:

  • Do you need something that will keep your feet dry?
  • Maybe you work in harsh environments, so a boot with a lifetime warranty is most important to you.

We’ve taken a look at a few of the big names in the industry (in no particular order), and revealed who does it best, what they do best, and why…


For almost 20 years, Caterpillar has been making work boots, and they originally started out, and still are, in the earthmoving industry. This industry is defined by harsh, raw working conditions, riddled with safety threats to anyone involved. Caterpillar has used their experience and knowledge in the field to design and engineer boots with features made to survive in these environments -- which are protection, extreme durability, and comfort.

  • What they do best- Construction and safety work boots, that are durable.

Timberland Pro

The Timberland brand was originally established in 1952, and It's fair to say they are the trailblazers in the work boot industry -- constantly coming up with new product innovations, models, and features never seen or done before. They have a huge range of high-quality work boots, each with an emphasis on high levels of comfort and durability. You will know when you have spotted a pair of Timberland Pros by the trademark athletic look they boast- anything but normal-looking work boots that add a flair of style to your working day.

Muck boots

The Muckboot company was born in 1999 and has evolved into the number one company producing work boots for the harshest working conditions. We define the harshest working conditions as situations when you find yourself working in the snow, or in lots of water, or Muck (which could be water, mud, concrete, sewerage, or all of the above).

If you're going to be exposed to water, or very cold working conditions, Muck boots are your number one brand. Their technology and construction methods set them apart, meaning their boots are extremely reliable: 100% waterproof, and guaranteed to keep you warm in even sub-freezing climates.

  • What they do best- 100% waterproof, and highly insulating work boots


Chippewa has been making some of the best handcrafted USA work boots since 1901, so they definitely get an honorable mention in the best work boot brands. They make high-quality boots aimed at the outdoor world- think hunting, hiking, and anything physical you could do outdoors. Their number one strength, and focus for much of Their life, have been logger work boots, and they make the best logger work boots in the USA, hands down.

  • What they do best- logger work boots- if you're a logger, there is no other option

Red Wing

“Handcrafted, purpose-built work boots, worn with pride”. The Red Wing shoe company makes extremely popular work boots that consistently perform in outdoor environments. They are a good old American work boot company that has been making some of the best quality work boots since the 19th century- so its safe to say that they know what they’re doing. When you purchase a pair of Red Wings, you wear work boots that will keep you safe, comfortable, and looking great- they are the most stylish work boots on the market in our opinion.

  • What they do best- Comfortable safety work boots, That are SUPER high quality and long-lasting. Made in the USA

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