Men’s DynaForce® 8” Boot

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Al Roberts
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March 6, 2024

If you work at a blue-collar job, a good pair of work boots on your feet is as important as a shovel or a wrench in your hand. Long hours on concrete or miles of walking are really punishing on the feet, the ankles and the knees.

You need a boot that has a combination of support, a good insole, light weight and a great sole, and most importantly it has to be tough and built to last for years on the job.

That’s why you need Red Wing’s Men’s DynaForce® 8” Boot.


  • Heat and Electrical Resistance
  • Tough and Durable


  • High-cost Maintenance

Average Customer Ratings


LeatherMahogany Voyageur Leather
ConstructionSuperSole® welt
OutsoleHorizon™ DL SuperSole®
Care ProductsLeather protector or NaturSeal™
Define HeelYes (90 degrees)
Country of OriginMade in USA with imported materials


Red Wing’s DynaForce® 8” boot is designed for mechanics, electricians, carpenters, laborers and anyone else who puts in a lot of time working on hard surfaces. Its design reduces underfoot pressure by spreading the wearer’s weight and dispersing pressure evenly across the wearer’s foot.

With a built-in insole and SuperSole® welt, it’s also designed for long-wearing durability and top-notch stability and support.

The SuperSole® welt uses a traditional construction process that’s been in use since the 19th century, with the upper and leather insole stitched together with a thin leather welt.

The end result is a boot that’s comfortable on the feet, while being durable and tough. This type of construction makes it possible to re-sole the boots over and over for a boot that will hold up under years of use.

Electrical Resistance 

The DynaForce® 8” Boot is rated for electrical resistance, making it a great pick for anyone who might ever be exposed to electrical fields at work.

The electrical hazard designation means that these boots have been tested and approved by the American Society of Testing and Materials for good protection against electrocution.

It means that the shoe or boot can significantly resist the conductivity of electricity as current flows through the shoe and down to the ground. Obviously, this rules out any boot with a steel shank.

EH-rated shoes or boots are designed with thick insulation at the sole and heel, inhibiting the flow of electricity, and can protect the wearer from as much as 600 volts of current in a dry setting.

This makes the DynaForce® 8” boot a great choice for electricians, maintenance men, industrial engineers, linemen and other professions.

The Horizon™ DL SuperSole® of this boot is tough and durable, with good protection from heat and excellent resistance to oil and gas, chemicals and abrasion. It’s also slip-resistant for a sure-footed platform that will keep you safe on the job.

DynaForce® Insole

Much of the comfort with any boot or shoe comes from the insole, and that’s where Red Wing really shines. The DynaForce® insole blends stability, support and flexibility for a boot that’s amazingly comfortable.

It’s designed with three layers:

  • an optional shock-absorbing footbed (the layer your foot actually rests on)
  • a supportive insole layer
  • a cushiony midsole that fits between the sole and insole

Together, the DynaForce® system cushions and spreads the weight of even a heavy person, so that your feet are pampered and protected after hours on hard surfaces.

The DynaForce® 8” boot is easy to take care of – its tough leather upper just needs a little treatment with leather protector or NatureSeal from time to time, to keep it supple and moisturized.

It’s covered by Red Wing’s unconditional comfort guarantee, as well. If for any reason you’re not happy with the comfort of your boots in the first 30 days after purchase, Red Wing will gladly refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

Red Wing also backs their boots with a one-year warranty, if any defects appear as a result of normal use. These warranties are effective with your receipt of purchase and can be honored through the Red Wing dealer where you purchased your boots.

About Red Wing 

Red Wing has been making boots for well over 100 years now, having got its start in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1905. Red Wing ended up being the primary supplier of combat boots in both WWI and WWII.

Today, along with basic leather work boots, their product line now includes specialized footwear that includes athletic-style work shoes, slip-resistant shoes and mining boots with a metatarsal guard.

They produce hiking boots, chukkas, service oxfords and logger-style boots as well as 6-inch and 8-inch work boots. Red Wing has factories in their Minnesota home base and Potosi, Missouri, and continues to build on their reputation for high-quality footwear for hard-working people.

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