Stats About Workplace Injuries

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Al Roberts
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February 6, 2024

The average workplace faces some risk of accidents or injuries, particularly if the job involves machines, physical labor, or hazardous materials. Even an office building has to worry about people being injured on the premise.

Risk assessments are an essential part of the workplace as they help employers understand what safety risks employees, customers, or visitors may be subject to. Understanding the risks associated with the workplace creates a blueprint for needed safety measures that need to be put in place.

It also impacts the specifics of the employer’s insurance as it concerns accidents and injuries.

Here’s the thing:

Workplace injuries and fatalities went up significantly between 2013 and 2017, from 4,585 to 5,147.

Those numbers include salaried, wage, and self-employed workers.

Did you know that loggers and fishermen experience the highest rate of fatalities? Logging, along with fishing and other similar professions are occupations that put employees in dangerous situations regularly and frequently.

In terms of industries with the highest number of injuries, healthcare and social assistance come out on top.

That’s pretty interesting when you compare healthcare and social assistance with fishing and logging, and realize they’re professions with the most risk according to research.

Just goes to show that even jobs filled with paperwork and social interaction can put employees at risk.

Truth is, every place of employment carries risks, whether they come with the job or are just random events and accidents. Some obviously impose a higher degree of injury than others but clearly workplace injuries and fatalities are a way of life.

See for yourself in the data below.

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