Timberland Work Boots For Men and Women

If you work on an outdoor job site every day, it's important to have a pair of boots you can rely on. You need something to keep your feet warm and dry, support and comfortable no matter how many hours you're putting in on the worksite. Timberland work boots have long been lauded the go-to […]

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Under Armour Boots For Women That You'll Love

Under Armour is an American clothing and accessories company that specializes in sporting gear. The company was founded in 1996 and began selling footwear in 2006. Although they have been most known for their high quality clothing over the last few years they have really made a name for themselves in the footwear industry as […]

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Under Armour Tactical Boots For Men

Whether you're headed into a long day on the job site or spending an afternoon hiking in the mountains, wearing a pair of dependable boots is vital to a successful and comfortble day spent on your feet. A good pair of boots will not only provide you with the foot protection you need to stay […]

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Hunter Boots: Why You Need A Pair

Ladies, when it comes to great boots to add to your wardrobe, always think classic. These are the kind that not only appear gorgeous but are constructed of amazing quality and materials, can withstand the elements and look fashionable with clothing from just about any decade of fashion. In other words, you're looking for a […]

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Carolina Boots: They Won't Let You Down

You're out all day on the job site, working your butt off. You come home and your feet are tired, wet and sore. Every day it's the same pattern. It gets old, doesn't it? That's enough to drive anyone crazy. Work is hard enough, you don't need the added frustration of a pair of work […]

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Discover the Secret To Sheplers Boots

Is the name Sheplers Boots new to you? Well my friend, you are in for a wonderful surprise! These boots are designed for a wide variety of work for both men and women. Discover the Secret To Sheplers Boots Founded in 1946, what was originally called Harry Sheplers Saddle and Leather Company, established themselves as […]

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3 Best American Made Work Boots

If you consider yourself to be an all-American man or woman you might be interested in supporting companies who make their goods in the United States, rather than contracting overseas. Confidence in purchasing a high-quality product from your homeland is a great option to have, and there's a lot of companies with amazing American made […]

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5 Tips for DIY squirrel removal

Squirrels are very active all year and they usually build their nests in trees using leaves and other materials. But in the winter they would rather live inside holes or crevices of old trees that are hard to find. Making their way into your attic is easy if you have small holes providing them with […]

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How Hard Is It To Install A Water Softener DIY?

A water softener system can be installed in a few hours if you have some experience in home improvement projects and plumbing. If you follow the manufacturer-supplied installation instructions exactly as they are laid out you should have no problems installing a water softener system yourself. Armed with your manufacturers guide and a step-by-step installation […]

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Timberland Mens Pro Helix 6" Soft Toe Work Boot

Features Waterproof – Premium leather waterproof uppers to keep your feet dry in all conditions! Made from top of the line leather so you know they will last you years. Grip - slip and oil resistant so dont worry about slipping on slick surfaces.  OutSole - Resistant to liquids, as well as heat resistant to […]

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