Men’s King Toe® Oxford 2019 Review

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Al Roberts
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January 31, 2024

With so many boot companies out there, it can be difficult to find a durable shoe that also comes with increased comfort and extra support. Luckily, there is the Men's King Toe Oxford. This model, which comes from Red Wing, combines the company's well-known durability and excellent style with the wear resistance you would want in a top-of-the-line work shoe.

The Men's King Toe Oxford is great for anyone who stands or walks for long periods of time. It is a busy world out there, and you are going to want footwear that can help withstand the constant punishment you put on your feet. This review will dive deeper into the Men's King Toe Oxford to show why it does that so well.

The Premium Features of the Men's King Toe Oxford

When looking for a good work boot, there are many reasons to choose the Men's King Toe Oxford. However, one of the biggest is how well it adapts to different environments. The slick shoes are built for a range of uses, including light manufacturing, utility, and fields like transportation. That means, no matter where you take or wear them, they are going to be able to hold up.

This King Toe is crafted from Black Yukon Leather and comes with special Direct Attach construction. That means the upper is cemented to the bottom of the insole, a feature that gives the shoe a lightweight, flexible fit right out of the box.

One of the most important parts of the Men's King Toe Oxford is the comfort. Red Wing prides itself on crafting relaxing shoes, a tradition that holds true here.

The shoes are extremely comfortable, and, as the name suggests, they come with special king toe technology. That upgrade is a unique feature that makes the inside of the shoe have 44 percent more space than other standard work boots.

Comfort is more than just cushion. You also need space to make sure your feet can move around without getting too cramped. The King Toe delivers on that front and more.

Another bonus of this shoe is, as the sole has been carefully crafted to the upper, it is going to be extremely flexible in numerous environments. Not only do you get typical tough durability, but you also have a shoe that works both indoors and outdoors. Versatility is extremely important, and the King Toe has it in spades.

This shoe also comes equipped with a Texon insole, a TPU-PU Galaxy-Black outsole, and a non-metallic shank.  With a defined heel and an affordable price, the Men's King Oxford truly has it all. It even comes in a wide range of different sizes to make sure that you will be able to find one that fits you.

A Shoe for Every Situation

As with so many Red Wing shoes, the King Toe Oxford comes upgraded with numerous features. Comfort is important, but you also want a shoe that is going to last. Hardy boots can be on the pricier side, and it never feels good to make an investment only to have it quickly fall apart.

With the Men's King Toe Oxford, you never have to worry about such issues. That is because the shoes are made with premium Red Wing materials to ensure they will last for years and years. This is not a shoe you can only wear for certain occasions or at certain times. It is a tough accessory that will last through rain or shine.

The reason this style is so durable is because of its numerous forms of protection. Crafted with Red Wing premium leather, the shoe comes with many different resistances. As good as the shoes are against the natural elements, they also offer slip resistance, oil and gas resistance, as well as chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. It also comes with electrical hazard protection as well.

The above list is important because it means the Men's King Toe is perfect for any situation. You never know where your work is going to take you, and you never know what you're going to need. By getting a shoe that can handle many different scenarios, you are not only investing in something that will not only last a long time but making sure your feet are as protected as possible.

 Footwear that is both Roomy and Durable

You want footwear that can be used in a range of different areas, depending on your individual lifestyle. The Men's King Toe Oxford is perfect for that. Its many features are a great way to make sure you are going to have a shoe that will protect your feet for years to come. It does not matter where you work, the comfort and durability of the Oxford simply cannot be beat.

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